Total Success: When One Man’s Deathbed Confession Turns “Bitter Sweet”

Total success speed

Total success is not gained at the speed of “crazy”! Take time for what really matters most.

When exhaustion and frustration start hitting this soon in the new year–try grabbing this Godly perspective for total success!

by James Hess

A few evenings ago my family was at a special world missions worship celebration. The announcement the speaker gave was confidential. We were the first public crowd of which he shared his “heavenly” testimony. He will go “public” soon with what he shared with us.

I wish I could share exactly everything he shared in his story. For the sake of confidence, I am leaving many identifying details out. This man who is in his mid seventies shared that a side effect from a medicine he was taking gave him a severe intestinal disease that sent him to the hospital. The problem was so severe that he had a brush with death. As a firm believer in Jesus Christ, he wasn’t scarred to die. This next part is more of a confession of sorts, he told us,

Oh, I love my wife, kids, and grand-kids . . .  But, when I started to see a bright light above the operating table–I could just feel the goodness of God. I didn’t think about anything in this world when that happened.”

So, that leads me to ask the question, “what is success in life?”

Total Success

Everything you do, do for the glory of God!

The man was glad that he had his wife and children there with him as he faced his last moments on Earth. After all, he had invested his entire life, heart, and soul to love, cherish, and take care of them.

This was a moment of pure joy and no regrets.

However, at the point of seeing that bright light open up as a gate to heaven, suddenly the only thing that mattered was the “pure joy” of being with his Lord and savior, Jesus.

As he lay on the operating table the surgeons where successful in saving this man’s life.

One minute he is with his Lord.

But then the next minute (so to speak) . . . he wakes up.

Days after being put in a medically induced coma he wakes up. He has lived to step one foot in eternity and come back to tell the story. Now I may be so bold as to say that he was double blessed from two different levels and dimensions with this “heavenly” experience.

Total Success is always a Duality

  1. Total Success

    Even into your “twilight years” hold unto each other like God holds onto you!

    He had his loving family there to gently carry him home and be baptized by bitter-sweet tears of those who have become his true legacy.

  2. And, he had an incredible experience: The peaceful manifest presence of God Almighty! He could feel Jesus saying, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”


Your ultimate “total success” ends in peace and joy in heaven.

Work to take care of your family. Take time to cherish each other. And, do it all for the Glory of God.

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