Victory in Jesus: Not just for our lives and our families

“Does Victory in Jesus come when you doubt His Power or Goodness?”

I discovered a way to pray for Success for  your life and family that is in tune with God’s Kingdom. Victory in Jesus is the result. It would be a sin to keep you in the dark about it!

Victory in Jesus is Trusting Him to bring us out of  darkness into the light

Victory in Jesus is allowing Him to carry you from the darkness to the light of His Power!

by  James Hess

Victory in Jesus” over marriage and family troubles call for Biblical wisdom.

Biblical Wisdom is the “ability to judge correctly and to follow the best course of action, based on knowledge and understanding” (Lockyer p. 1103). The Bible says that wisdom is more precious than costly gems. Indeed, it is wise to look for answers to your problems. It is even more wise to act on that newly gained knowledge. Do something with what you learn!

James 1:5 states that if you ask for wisdom from God He will give it to you generously! The next verse tells us that in order to get that wisdom from God . . . we must ask without doubt.

The problem is that sometimes this solution, i.e. “God’s way” seems to be the least wise to us.

Only the Source of Wisdom can give you the ability to ask “Without Doubt”

God promises to me that he will give me Biblical Wisdom, but the only way it will work is if I ask in a way that only He can help me ask–without doubt!

So, wisdom from God doesn’t have anything to do with anything that we can do on our own.

Jesus is LORD

God will give us only those things that “He deems is right for us”. Since the Kingdom of God is within us we do not have to fight against God’s will.

We do not have to wrestle Him for blessings like Jacob did. Ultimately, those things that He gives us will be of use to Him for His purposes.

God’s Kingdom wins Big victories when the Holy Spirit, and the truth of the word of God placed in your heart has the ability to touch the lives of others. If this spiritual truth burns inside the core of your being, then you need to place your life and family within that awesome purpose!

There is no way to get around it.

Faith in God is not blind faith

Victory in Jesus

Victory in Jesus is Victory over Worry even if you’ve been worrying about it since you were 2 yrs old!

I often look around and see people trusting God. They live lives of wisdom and peace. This can be done.

But, … the missing ingredient is surrendering to God! It’s kind of like how my now 7 year old son surrenders when I calm him down after he obsessively demands exact answers to his questions. Often, I won’t give him what he asks for if he is “all bent out of shape.”

But . . .

I delight to help him when he gives up and stops demanding and obsessing over minute details. Then he starts asking for help to calm down.

My Own Personal Struggle

So, recently I have been asking God for Victory in Jesus over weird aches and pains in my body. The doctor told me that I simply have normal muscle inflammation. I immediately claimed victory of poor health and anxiety in the “name of Jesus”, and the “blood of Jesus.”

Let Go of Doubt and Worry. Let God Handle It

Every time worry or anxiety about this problem comes over me I have to surrender my “so-called” right to worry over to Jesus with this amazing SURRENDER PRAYER:

Dear God, I confess to you that I am powerless over ______________ – my life has become unmanageable. I hereby turn my will and my life over to You, praying only for a knowledge of Your will for me, and the power to carry out your will in my life. In Jesus’ name, yes, amen, so be it!”

When you ask God for Victory in Jesus for your life or family don’t forget that , Jesus is God (in the 2nd person of the Trinity). Asking,

Jesus help me”

. . . is allowing Him to carry you in complete surrender from the darkness to the light of His Power! I pray that this wisdom changes your life and strengthens your family and mission on Earth for Jesus, our LORD!



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