Why I am thankful for my wife

Do you keep the flames of passion alive in your mate — seven days a week?

Do you intentionally appreciate your mate — everyday?

When I first met Sarah in High School, let me tell you… I was instantly infatuated with her. I loved the way she walked, talked, joked, and shared her feelings to me. I intentionally did everything I could to get to know the real Sarah every single day.


The friendly start

As friends, I often showered her with gifts, wrote poems for her, and kept up with getting to better know “Her World.”

Mission Incredibly Possible

I was a man on a mission to win her heart for good! That mission took 4 years of ups and downs, of seeing each other every day… to being thousands of miles apart while I was in the US Army. I have never stopped pursuing the fullness of that mission into our 8th year of marriage. Even on our busiest days with our family.

The Road of Great Intentions

Here are some steps you can take right now that will keep you on the consistent road of great intentions. It’s a path really… A path of the daily ways to show your spouse that you appreciate them, intentionally.

Step 1: Recreate falling in love

Buy little things like old-familiar music, and clothes both of you used to listen to and wear. I know Sarah’s old favorite singer — every once in a while I play her old CD, while wearing something similar to how I dressed in our younger days together.

Step 2: Take the Monkey

Everybody has a stressful responsibility that weighs them down. Take that monkey of his or her back on a regular basis. I try to do that at least once a day by rushing to get all of her work stuff ready for her so she can start her work day stress-free.

Combine this tip with a loving note or text message to seal the meaning of your intentional love for him or her.

Step 3: Special Dates

Plan a special date that will allow you two to go somewhere special to celebrate your love together. Talk, look into each others eyes over soft light, and remember the good times while dreaming of a brighter future together.

Grab more intentional love gifts you can give to your mate: Click here for more ideas!

The way Sarah does the same intentional stuff of love for me is “Why I am thankful for my wife.”

Please share your story and why you are thankful for your mate by leaving a comment.


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