Wife Romance only a loving husband that sacrifices, risks, and loves can give

Some courageous husbands and fathers sacrifice it all for their family… even if it means leaving to risk their lives to secure freedom. Photo credit: LilGoldWmn

Have you ever met a husband who risked his life to save his wife, and family?

With my 9th anniversary to my wonderful wife just 2 days away I have been thinking about some of the best wife romance ideas I can think of. I have been brainstorming ways that I can romance her and love her best. I wonder if one of the ways that I can do this is to personally be more courageous.

If you were faced with death or the possibility of serious danger–would you risk your life to save the life of you wife and kids? Men, seriously think about that idea.

Of course, some husbands sacrifice everything to protect their families in the way of being a Military service member.

They put their lives on the line to ensure their families and other families in their nation have their freedom. Sarah and I were pre-engaged (is that a word?) for over a year while I was serving as a Sergeant in the US ARMY.

I can only imagine how difficult it is for husbands and wives to be separated by overseas assignments-but there is a romance in it tho. At times, I can imagine that a wife feels loved because her husband is off protecting her family. I wouldn’t say that it makes up for the lost time or intimacy while he is away, but pride in his courage does warm the heart.

Mugging protection

5 Years ago, while our 1 and a half year old children slept in their nursery room, Sarah and I were mugged at gunpoint as we walked out the door from our apartment. Sarah instantly dropped to the ground, but I had to size up the situation and the guy that was pointing a 9 mm pistol at us.

The thought ran through my mind, “Can I take this guy out?–How far away is he from us?–A bit too far for me to engage him in a fight to protect my wife and kids.–If I try she could get shot!”

It was not safe for Sarah for me to run at this guy.

Then, I slowly laid down and wrapped my arms around her as he snatched her purse and stole my phone.

If I could not keep him from mugging us, then he was going to half to shoot me first if things were to get violent.

I just want to highlight this one aspect of courage that is romantic in the sense that a husband wants to give his life to protect his wife and family.

The secret to courage is doing what you know in your heart is right! No more secrets are needed to be revealed right now.

However, in the next post… I will talk a little bit more about the side of courage that is not about life or death. I will reveal a supernatural part of my mugging story too.

After that is cleared up, I want to highlight the heroes that overcome great diversity and challenges in order to succeed at whatever they do as an inspiration for me and hopefully you too!

I also have a friend in mind that I will ask if he will share his story on the subject of courage. Because I am on the search for more “heroes.” Please be a hero and share your thoughts on romance and courage in the comments section.


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