Will You Seize This Opportunity To Incredibly Transform Your Marriage?

Give Her Chills & Be ThankfulYou have before you an incredibly rewarding goal every time you step foot through the front door after work. If you rely on the off-chance special occasion to establish your romantic getaways only, then you may not be able to answer that question I posed at the beginning of this journey into becoming a visionary leader… And, stopping any possibility of divorce wrecking all that you worked to build.

How would you like to see your quality of enjoyment and commitment with your wife rise to all-new heights of joy and happiness together?”

She believes in you as her leader, provider, and protector.
But, how much better would that be if you didn’t have to sacrifice the time you need to put in at work to continue to be the dutiful provider and more?


Take a moment to stop and ask yourself this question,

Am I dangerously too busy to do the following truly critical acts of emotional connection with my loving wife?”

We have seen that the correct answers to those questions are easy, they’re fast, and they’ll change your life forever. If she can feel loved, then she will have the motivation and reason to respect you with greater enthusiasm.

  • So, if you want to discover how to end having trouble meet you at the front door when you get home from work…
  • If you want to stop the problem of not making the most of your time, while not working . . .
  • If you want to learn strategies to help your mind leave work behind, while being fully present with your wife and kids so that you can get all the value from the gift of God that is your wife . . .

. . . then you are ready to take what I uncovered here in this letter to the next level of divorce-proofing your marriage.

Imagine having all of her appreciation, affirmation, devotion, and desire! Those benefits are strewn through out my free Seven Secrets for Front Door Lovin` CD that can be rushed to you immediately! They can be yours free, except for the small amount of shipping and handling necessary to get it into your hands so you can begin your journey into work/life balance success.

So, what is possible? What would life be like? What could happen–when your flat cold evenings of not being greeted by her warm smile, her loving embrace and bright eyes shine just for you where to make a complete turn around. Your home becomes an intimate playground and romance safe-haven.

Instantly Engage Each Other With More Expectation Of Each New Night

The two of you will have an “expectation” of what will follow each night too.

Leaving the Light ONImagine her in the middle of housework and then as soon as she hears her name she pops up to greet you at the door with strong hugs, kisses, and tender moments of intimacy.  

I help husbands like you find that sweet spot in their marriage where they consistently experience that feeling of being able to breath easier, be themselves, and feel admired, and intimately accepted when they come home to their wife.

You and I both cherish and honor your family with all our hearts so this is totally possible for you, me, or any other husband just like us.

The Seven Secrets for Front Door Lovin` Are The Beginning Steps That Restored My Marriage

They came together for me through careful thought and prayer each day before I stepped out of my car to step foot through the front door each work night. The results I created through these principles and methods have forged a legacy that I am still building. I want to make those family matters of life that are priceless all that more certain for your life today and forever.

The Seven Secrets for Front Door Lovin` produce increasing relationship success that builds strongly on the success you achieve each new day in your relationship with your wife…

That secures a future in which the benefits live on far past that day Jesus calls you home. I am talking about benefits you can feel secure in today that will live on forever in the hearts of your children, your children’s children, and onward.

Good Pride

The sense of personal pride you can secure for yourself now is measured in memories made and remembered with loving tears from those you love most. This is only the beginning of the journey I offer to you now.

And, to prove that the kernels of relational truth I offer are truly helpful, you can listen to the full 48 minutes of “Seven Secrets to Front Door Lovin` interview” here.

Transform Your Car Into A University

But, if you only have time to listen to it in your car, then this is the surest route to transforming your marriage into one that would rival “The Song of Solomon.” It is something success guru Brian Tracy (one of my professional mentors in the area of success through his materials) advocates in his “Increasing Your Income 1000% Formula” as the number 5 success principle.

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Every new day presents a new opportunity you have to make the right actions that match the problems facing your marriage. You always have opportunities to take charge of marital issues. But, a good wife can slip through our fingers when we do not make the time to connect and talk.

Don’t Make The Mistake I Made

Sad, but true… An apparently “held-together” marriage can die in her heart far quicker and earlier than the time in which divorce papers are drawn — the entire divorce industry relies heavily on that fact of life.

Meet her with your whole heart as you take on this challenge. And, grab my low cost “Seven Secrets for Front Door Lovin` CD.”

If you follow it step-by-step, you start on the path to getting all the affirmation and respect from your wife.
And, you wont even have to cut hours bringing home hard-earned money in order to achieve that marriage harmony, and satisfaction you deserve!

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Pray hard and meet God half-way.


James Hess

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