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And, you won’t have to even buy red long stemmed roses every day after work to make her hand you your respect paycheck on a silver platter!


Do you want to break through the walls that separate you from your wife–to discover the paradise that is just waiting for you? Walk the beach, enjoy the fine Mediterranean sea-breeze, and settle into your very own cave–perfect for the two of you.

Why you are in the TOP 1% of Husbands who go from feeling the disrespect of always being in the dog house–to creating a paradise of your own making!


In the next 47 minutes of this CD address to the best of the best husbands I will share with you 7 pinpointed answers to questions husbands everywhere are asking on how a good husband can enjoy the respect they know they deserve.

Hi I’m James Hess, founder of “”

I am honored to give you this invitation to bring you into an inner-circle of just 200 Christian husbands I have selected. TRUE hardworking, loving Christian men aint got nothing on you!

Getting to the point, here is a quick look at the secrets you can put to good use Today. They are:

  • Secret #1: Call out to her… And, Win her Heart (The Minute you’re Through The Door)
  • Secret #2: Squeeze the Trust
  • Secret #3: Seriously Loosen-Up
  • Secret #4: Catch the Echo
  • Secret #5: Experience the Active Trance
  • Secret #6: Build Plato’s Cave
  • Secret #7: Feel the “X-Factor”

Don’t worry if these don’t fully make sense right now. I will reveal the step-by-step “How to” of these secrets that will make them come to life in your marriage.

My promise to you

Even a good marriage that is built on solid stuff–a good foundation–still has to survive the trials of a hectic work schedule and other stresses that come as you succeed in your career. You are a good husband, but that does not buy time that your wife needs on an emotional level. What is needed is a step-by-step set of action steps you can easily follow so you can make the most of your time after work with your wife. The Goal: inspire anticipation, desire, and respect for you that will lead to greater intimacy with your wife.

Finally, with each opportunity that presents itself–captivate your wife and never be turned down another night again without a real good reason, Guaranteed!

That is because Keep Marriage Alive is your No Guilt Christian psychological and step-by-step source for strategies of attraction with a laser focus on Intimacy!

… Because she will not only love you—she will respect you…

AND brag about you on facebook like she would a “BEST OF THE BEST” HUSBAND!

Your formula for being a “BEST OF THE BEST” HUSBAND!

The true power of a “Best of the Best” Husband is not found in any extra abilities – it is in your courage, selfless-service to others, your wit, wisdom, leadership abilities, and one more thing… your willingness to take incredible action to do the right thing, at the right time, for the right reasons.

There you have it!

I know this big promise sounds a bit far-fetched.

My friend, this is NOT far-fetched. In fact, this is very DOABLE.

Remember, you are a man of wisdom that takes massive action.

So you will have no trouble turning this letter to you into reality!

But first…

If you are like me, you are a husband who not only wants their marriage to their beloved wife to be good enough, you want to make it an INCREDIBLE Adventure!

Could your marriage use a nightly rendezvous to the man and wife cave?

These 7 Secrets will help you embark on a nightly adventure. But, that adventure wont just be in your “man cave” at home. It will extend well into the rest of your home–your “man and wife” cave!

Why do I call this adventure an adventure that is enchanting and passionate within the ambiance of a “man and wife” cave experience?

To bring some context to this idea, I will share with you the quick story about Sarah’s and my honeymoon. After we said, “I do!” on the beach of Treasure Island, FL–I whisked her away to our honeymoon suite. I had prepared a luxurious high rise condo on a beach near Tampa Fl, and we simply turned it into our “man and wife” cave. We hardly left it the entire time we were there for that intimate honeymoon week, except to occasionally visit the beach, or pool together, or to enjoy some fine dining out on the town.

Since we were newly wedded man and wife we did those cave vacations almost every year until we began to have kids. If you subscribe to my newsletter you will get the inside scoop on the ups and downs of those starter years. But, now since we have a boat load of kids we do our dates while the kids sleep, and we turn our house into a “man and wife” cave. We practice what we preach!

Soon, we are now going to start the adventure.

We can do this by asking the right questions and making the answers be real solutions–the kind that will make her respect you and open up to you as her husband.

To get the full effect of this adventure we are going to consider pretending that the adventure centers around your home and marriage you share with your wife as a cave in a lush mountainous paradise that is free from the distractions of city life and is a perfect marriage get-away for you and your wife.

In fact, a cave is the perfect thing that you should compare to your wife’s emotional needs too. She needs a cave-woman experience with you. I am going to explain more of what I mean over the course of next seven secrets that I will reveal to you. But, to make it simple, she wants to feel safe, loved, and cherished in your very own “man and wife” cave of romance.

I’m a great husband, but romance doesn’t just happen every single day.

In relationship terms romance is code for intimacy. Romance doesn’t have to be perfect ambiance and a bed of roses each and every night. But, it can feel like it for her. So, really–intimacy for you is most likely physical. For her, it is emotional romance that results from emotional connection that comes from the following secrets.

But, how do I get from exhaustion after working my brains out every day to “Best of the Best”!

I will teach you how to condition your family to expect you to come home every day with energy to spare.

You will discover that she will go out of her way to make your welcome home experience truly gratifying–and the moment you live for each and every single day–If you consistently do these 7 actions in the way that I have laid down here in this special report. Anticipating something good each day, while taking a little break before walking into the front door when you get home can give you that second wind you need.

The deep pitted rejection of not being respected and appreciated

When you come home from work day-in and day-out, you want to be appreciated, respected and little bit cared for by your family. There is a sort of pay-off that makes all those hours of phone calls, making deals, trading, or closing a sale that you come to expect at the end of the day. And, you want to see a change in the right direction.

But, there are a Whole Lot of Psychological Hacks. Couldn’t I just use one of those?

Fake push-pull-play tactics work for some women. But they can come off as needy and controlling to a woman who has half a brain and some self-respect too! Progress is important, but she does not really respect you more when you play mind games with her. Does she?

This is what respect looks like!

All men want Respect—You are no different

But, as a Christian husband who—like you—loves his wife and truly wants to earn her respect, love, and devotion that just doesn’t sit well with me.

Sure, I do smart things like build anticipation in her until she can’t stand it—all while just acting like myself—and she responds by grabbing hold of me so we can embark on something special. The next 7 secrets will show you how to do just that every day.


Question #1

(Dave) “How can any husband instantly make his wife even interested in greeting him when he gets home?”

Answer #1

(James) “Secret #1: Call out to her… And, Win her Heart (The Minute you’re Through The Door).  As soon as you get home to your “man and wife” cave-(it is OK to have a man cave, but it is more important to make sure your home is a “man and wife” cave), call out for her. Seek her out by calling out her name. Every woman wants to be pursued by her husband. She does not first want to come to you when you start this out.

However, she will soon come to rely on your attention and she will close the gap-so to speak-and start to wait for you to come home so she can be actively pursued. It will be like how a bee craves nectar and will bring itself to the scent of the nectar that is in effect calling out to it. Dripping honey is the result.

She will be waiting for you to come home, and she will be interested in intimate connection with you because you have prepared a conditioned response in her subconscious mind. This will lead to her seeing you as a man of character, consistency, and reliability to meeting her emotional needs.

Be subtle. Don’t burst through the door and shout out, “Honey, I’m Home”! If you do that, try just quietly calling out her name as you slowly peak your head out the door that you are opening. Be slow and deliberate. Slow and steady advancement is attractive to a woman. It builds anticipation and excitement in her. She wants the man with a slow hand… and everything else.

If she works out of the home, then see if you can let her get home first. Both of you will appreciate the time to breath for a moment before you come home.”

Question #2

(Dave) “How can a husband quickly convince his wife that he can be trusted and reliable at the end of the day?”

Answer #2

Is it time for a walk to paradise together?

(James) “Secret #2: Squeeze the Trust. Your use of warm and accepting body language, such as having your arms wide open to give her a hug after you slowly and quietly call out for her (or, when she is happily conditioned, as you meet her at the other end of the entrance of your “man and wife” cave) will build trust she can count on.

Keep to slow movement as you do this.

Trust is built on safety and credibility. You are safe and credible if you are warm and loving with your hugs and affection right after making that first contact when you are home.

What this does to her psychologically is set the stage for her to meet your initial loving way of sending physical signals with the same in response. She will imprint feelings of warmth and protection she already desires while waiting for you to return to your “man and wife” cave with your actions that meet those expectations. You will trigger and fulfill what she already hopes will happen in her life.

That is a good place to be. You are building more trust and respect for you on existing trust and respect for you.”

Question #3

(Dave) “Should a husband unwind first, and then connect with her again?”

Answer #3

(James) “Secret #3: Seriously Loosen-Up. Appearances mean EVERYTHING! OK. So you just finished your commute home to your “man and wife” cave from work and you need to de-stress a bit. You loosen your tie. You unbutton your shirt. You run your hands through your hair and you take a deep breath in and then out. You’re ready to start Secret #1 and call out her name as you walk through the front entrance of your “man and wife” cave. You are forgetting something.

Actually there are a lot of things that you can do to get ready to go through that front door and I will share those things with you if you read the ezine newsletter that I have sent to your email inbox, but for now you are missing 1 important thing.

1st impressions mean everything and you don’t want to foul that up looking like a hot mess that is physically, emotionally, and mentally drained after a long-hard day at work. That sets the wrong stage and it will not make her show pity on you for working so hard—she will just think that you are a slob. Seriously, women notice the little things. Women work off of subtlety. It matters a lot to them.

Still Looking Sharp?

That means, tuck in that shirt, button that top button on your dress shirt, and for goodness sake tighten up that tie. Here’s why. Your woman follows visual and mental queues more than you know.

If you make an effort to be clean, dapper, smell good, and done up right, she will be drawn in. If you look like baked-green bean casserole she will want to through you in the garbage, and not even consider you as leftovers—so to speak.

As you engage in the upcoming secrets with your wife, in an offhand way loosen your tie up just a bit. This will send a visual queue that you are ready to leave work behind, but instead get down to some serious intimate connection time with her in the “man and wife” cave.

She will notice how you are poised while making a slow transfer from work to home. This will subconsciously suggest to her that you are serious about getting her to move across the continuum from friend to lover.

After a few short minutes, only take your tie off to appear even more casual and interested in being relational with her, not strictly business. Stay looking sharp for about 10 minutes after you get home. What this does psychologically to her is make her feel valued as a person who is worth impressing.”

Question #4

(Dave) “Should the first thing a husband says to be, I love you?”

Answer #4

(James) “Secret #4: Catch the Echo. Nothing says, “I love you” better than letting her know that you thought often of her when you are away at work busy earning a living to provide for the needs of the family. Missing someone is like having a desire to be with them that bounces constantly around in your mind and soul—kinda like an echo in a cave.

I can’t get you out of my mind…

By simply saying, “I missed you so much… I couldn’t stop thinking about you.” You are showing her that you have been in your “man and wife” cave all day long… in your mind that is.

In fact there are some real good ways to reinforce this throughout the day that you will learn through my newsletter. But, for right now simply tell her that you missed her and couldn’t wait to see her again. And, don’t just fake it here, really mean it. She will feel so much connection with you and you will not have to go into any other—touchy, feely words if that is not what you are comfortable with just yet.

Simply put, you invite her to have cave romance with you when you say to her, “I missed you so much. Oh, I love you, and I can’t wait…”

But, before I finish that, Dave, do you have yet another question for me?”

Question #5

(Dave) “What should a husband say to her to let her know that he cares about her?”

Answer #5

(James) “Secret #5: Experience the Active Trance. So, now that we know the name of secret #5, let’s finish the sentence we left off with, shall we?

“I missed you so much. Oh, I love you, and I can’t wait to LISTEN to how you have been feeling today.”

You should use the word LISTEN, not hear. Listening means you care about and validate what she has gone through in her day, and that you actively care enough to listen without interruption.

This is psychologically powerful and puts positive thoughts and feelings about you into her active and subconscious mind.

Now she is really feeling loved and understood in your cave of romance.”

Question #6

(Dave) “Should a husband just sit down and listen to her or should he do something as she talks?”

Answer #6

(James) “Secret #6: Build Plato’s Cave. When you are listening to your wife share her heart with you, man, shut off all distractions. Shut off all media that could be a distraction and actively listen to her.

OK. So the ancient Greek philosopher Plato had this story about a cave that I think will fit in just perfectly with the “man and wife” cave theme I have been sharing with you.

Always keep Mystery in the Mix…

Plato’s cave story has to do with discovering reality at its highest form. And, it is about how until we can obtain that insight… we are all just captives, chained to a wall in a cave.

Mystery lurks all around these captives, because together, each captive can only see the flickering of light and shadows off of the cave wall that comes from a city that they cannot see.

Let’s pretend that you are the one captive that gets free from the chains, and stumbles upon the opening of the cave. Then, you as the freed captive see the light of the day for the first time and can see the outside world in its entire splendor for the very first time.

The well meaning captive immediately runs back into the cave jumping for joy at the discovery of the real world in the light of day. That freed captive immediately starts to describe the outside world in all its majesty to the other captives that are still chained to the cave.

The other captives cannot handle the news of such reality and since they are so used to emotionally attached to their world of mystery and shadows—they kill the man who tries to show them the real world.

Now I am not saying that if you jump for joy to tell your wife about your work day that she will instantly kill you. I am trying to get across to you that when she is not ready to bring herself emotionally away from the world of mystery and romance that she now is coming to expect from you in your “man and wife” cave, she will resist listening to you describe your day away from her.

If you stop and enjoy the mystery of your romance with her for a little while in a candle-lit ambiance, and shut off all distractions…

She will see you as a leader and action taker that will win her heart.

Shut off all distractions for the moment, even when the biggest distraction from romance is your own desire to share your day with her. She will ask you about your day when she is ready.”

Question #7

(Dave) “What else should a husband do as he listens to her?”

(James) Answer #7: Feel the “X-Factor”. OK. It is time to add the last extra something that will make your wife feel connected with you emotionally and intimately. Do two extra things as you listen to her and have a loving conversation with her.

Each night needs to mean something. Make yours extraordinary and romantic!

Keep excellent eye contact as you actively listen to her and do little things to touch her gently as she shares her heart with you. This is intimacy coming to life in your cave of romance. It connects her subconscious mind and heart with her body. I don’t know if any woman can describe what this does to her… that is why I call it “Feel the X-Factor.” Touching her slowly, gently, and unpredictably is an extra something that does big things to her to get her in the mood to be intimate with you. It is an X-Factor that makes all the difference.

All of these secrets, when done consistently, will open up her mind, body, and emotions to you for the sake of shared romance and intimacy in your romantic cave marriage. And, it all gets started the instant you set your foot through the front door each night after work!


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*Secret #4: credit for the idea to Taylor Swift: “My thoughts will echo your name until I see you again.”







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