Five Languages of Love For Marriage–Why some marriages are happy… but most are not

You won’t have to learn French to speak these “Five Languages of Love”! 

How should a loving husband express his emotions to his wife?

A wife needs ALL her emotional needs to be met. She needs you to share how you feel about God’s purpose for your lives. She especially needs to know how you feel about her. She needs to know how you feel about this life you share.

THAT can only be known by the answer of THIS simple question for you:

What’s her currency?

If you don’t know the kind of “money” your wife values emotion-ally, you don’t have the keys to her heart.

Let me tell you a quick story . . . Back in ’2010 my family and I found ourselves stuck on a two lane highway along the Nantahala National Forest in the Mountains of Western North Carolina . . . Don’t ask why. At one time or another we all have taken an unfortunate road trip that follows “Murphey’s Law” at every bend of the road.

At one desperate bend of the road we badly needed gas for the car. It was starting to get dark. I had my trusty credit cards and debit card in my wallet, but no cash. One problem – The only gas station for miles only accepted cash! I never knew that mountain gas stations still did that, but sadly they still do.

My plastic money just wasn’t good there. It’s the same with your wife. She’s got “currency” that she values when it comes to love and emotions. Gary Chapman calls these “love languages.” If you don’t share with her the right love language you might as well have a pocket full of plastic money in the middle of the Nantahala (or be speaking Japanese in Mexico).

Now, truth be told there are 100s of these love languages women use, but there are 5 main ones. All five are important. All five “talk to her” in the right way. So you need to know them all (and use them). And you need to identify HER #1 love language.

Remember that movie with Tom Cruise?

“Jerry Maguire”

Cruise (Jerry) was this hot shot sports agent just rolling in the money and the good life (so he thought) . Then everything fell apart. At the end of the movie the big scene is when he crashes into Rene Zellweger’s house and just starts crying out his soul . . . She stops him cold – tells him to “shut up” – but he can’t stop bearing his soul and ends it with the famous “You complete me” line (Not Biblical).

What does she say?

You had me at hello.”

Jerry got the girl. He spoke her love language and it didn’t even
matter WHAT he said really.

OK, the point of all this is that if you can’t figure out what your
wife values, then there is no way to make a marriage really work . . . or even save a marriage if it has come to that!

And I don’t want that.

Understanding this ”love language” stuff is SO IMPORTANT that I went
ahead and made a short report for you summarizing the 5 Love Languages
you need to know. The guys at Chapman’s site even threw in a quiz you can use to identify your wife’s primary love language. Download it here –

About the 5 love languages

p.s. Seriously, this is my gift to you.

Soon I’ll give you the scoop on her #1 love language. It’s probably not what you hope it would be (sorry brother), but for something like 8 out of 10 wives THIS is what they want the most from you.

“Oh, and how DID I get gas? I traded for it. Sometimes in life you have to give to get.”

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