Gabrielle Giffords Homecoming

Keep Marriage Alive has been following the story of the Gabrielle Giffords and her husbandMark Kelly as they support each other through some of the greatest trials that can threaten a marriage.  It is truly inspirational that their love surmounts the great trials of near fatal injury in the case of Giffords and taking flight to reach the heavens in the final Endeavor space shuttle flight in the case of Kelly.  In both instances the other spouse against the risks or dangers of doing so, supported each other through the challenges.

As told in the LA Weekly.Com article, Welcome Back to Earth, Space Shuttle Endeavor! Next Stop: Los Angeles, “We, along with Tucson massacre survivor Gabrielle Giffords, were relieved to see NASA’s shuttle Endeavor make a safe landing in Florida just after midnight. (Video evidence after the jump.) Hats off to Mark Kelly, Giffords’ loyal husband and possibly the sweetest most American man ever, who left his congresswoman’s bedside to command the shuttle on its 16-day mission to (almost) finish tinkering with the International Space Station, that border-breaking love boat floating somewhere out there amongst the stars.”

My personal sentiments focus around my personal experience of the shuttles return.  No, I was not there in person to greet Mark Kelly and his crew on the Space Shuttle Endeavor back home to Kennedy Space Center.  However, like all residents and visitors of the Central Florida area, where I call home, my wife and I felt and heard the sonic boom that accompanies the super sonic exceleration upon the shuttle’s reentry.   Furthermore, it is my hope that greater than the effects of the physics behind the sonic boom of the return of Mark Kelly to Earth, that Mark Kelly’s return to his wife will have an accompanying relational sonic boom that will become a great example of the devotion, dedication and honor based love that makes them keep marriage alive in their relationship.   I hope that marriages everywhere will be effected for the best by their loving example.

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