Honor Based Love

Honor Based Love

Honor Based Love, Taking Marriage Saving to the Next Level

Simply knowing what to do to keep your marriage alive and growing stronger every day may not be enough to make real change in your marriage.  It is important to understand why it works, why doing these things with sincerity will gain your spouse back from loosing each other in hard times.  Learn more about what honor is in marriage to establish “Honor Based Love” in order to “Keep Marriage Alive” in your relationship.

Honoring Your Spouse to Keep Marriage Alive in your Relationship

Mutually honor based love is not romantic love, but it is the groundwork that allows romantic love to keep marriage alive in your relationship.  It builds new romance day-by-day that will span the course of a lifetime in your marriage.  It simply means knowing that the key to your happiness is your spouse’s happiness.  This then builds unified, trust, intimacy, respect and communication.

The Big Difference between Honor and Respect in Marriage

Honoring your spouse goes one huge step beyond respecting your spouse out of obligation.  Honor is a conscious choice to respectfully defer to someone out of the sincerity of your heart; even if they do not always deserve your respect.  Respect alone may include obligatory compliance to show outward expressions of esteem based on “I will do this favor for my mate, but only so long as I can “Get Mine” in return.”  However, as soon as that person no longer deserves your respect, any feelings of disrespect may manifest and the power plays go on and on, except now, no one is “Getting Theirs.”

How to Keep Marriage Alive in Your Relationship

You can accomplish this goal in your relationship — by learning how your spouse wants and needs to be loved from one day to the next.  Investing in the happiness of your spouse not only gives you the joy and satisfaction of enriching the life of your spouse, it makes your spouse want to enrich your life in return.  Give and eventually you will get.  It is an investment in your marriage and your own happiness.

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