Jeremiah 29 11 For Your Marriage And Family

Jeremiah 29 11 is one of those scriptures that you do not have to try hard to memorize . . . Not sure which verse that is? How about this, “For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord . . .”

One thing that Sarah and I have focused our attention on in our marriage (with God’s help of course) is the Hope of Jesus and His future plans for us.

Yet, the future is not only thing on which we have our eyes set. Let’s not forget about God’s immediate (I mean this very minute) plan for your life and marriage too. This is no better illustrated than the divine appointment that Sarah, my wife had to both save a man’s life and possibly his soul.

This could easily represent the marital situation some of you find yourselves. I will let Sarah’s facebook post of the encounter tell the story:

Made a drive to Lady Lake (FL) to take the kids to Messiah’s Mansion, a life size replica of the tabernacle of God. It was such a cool living and learning experience about what all the symbolism means and how Jesus is the ultimate fulfillment!

On our way back we witnessed the early aftermath of a devastating car accident. I stopped to help, and was amazed to see how many good Samaritans had already done such a good job helping a man stuck in a flipped over convertible.

By the time I came on scene he had regained consciousness and was talking up a storm . . . from what he told me of his life and his recent struggles with a liver transplant and several hospitalizations, my eyes are so keenly aware of God’s hand on this man’s life, whether he is aware of it or not.

Not only was it a miracle that he was still alive, but several people stepped in to ensure he didn’t loose too much blood and made sure he was in a safe position. God is watching over this man and has him on this side of eternity for a reason. Please stand with me in prayer over his life and that he makes Jesus his Lord.”

The thing (due to humility I’m sure) is that she did not brag about how she spoke a gospel message to the man in the midst of the struggle to save his life. The thing that she said was a paraphrase of Jeremiah 29 11! She told him that God has a wonderful plan for his life! He has in Jesus a future and a hope!

Grant me the honor of making the same declaration over you and your marriage and family! God’s promise for your marriage is true–Cling to it! Remind each other of that promise–especially when things are the most critical!

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