Live your marriage dreams… even for just one day

So, I do not have a big marriage saving idea and helpful strategy to share with you today. Instead, I decided to share just a quick idea that you could use to boost the intimate connection you have with your mate… and possibly improve your family life for at least one day.

Marriage Dreams come true!

Sarah and I are planning to take our family to a friends farm very soon.

Sarah and I have dreamed together about owning a small workable family sustaining farm. We talk about how it will be like when that dream becomes a reality. We do that all of the time. We mostly talk about it during our “rediscovery dates.”

I like to suggest doing stuff like that to others… You know — living yours and your mate’s dream — if only for just one day!

Here is a view of the land we rented while we were living our dream in North Carolina a few years back.

I would love to hear your thoughts about whether or not this idea could help your marriage and relationship with all of your close family. Leave a comment and let’s start a conversation.

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