Marriage In Crisis

5 Easy AND Effective Ways To Save a Troubled Marriage

You are reading this because you have come to the realization that you and   your spouse are in a marriage in crisis.

You need to know this truth right out the gate:

When a crisis makes sense, it hurts less!

Follow me as I explain.  You and your spouse know that marriages don’t just crumble suddenly.  You may have felt a series of stages leading to this marriage crisis both of you now face.  However, if things have come to this point of crisis, then you may not have been paying attention to the subtle warning signs going off between you and your mate.

Your marriage problems may not make sense, yet!

But it can, soon!

True, your day-to-day life can become ultra hectic in this fast paced world.  Raising children and other responsibilities can overwhelm any couple.  Did you notice that he/she wasn’t happy around you and  ignoring you?

When the two of you would find some time to talk would you often find yourself in disagreement and resentment?  Is the worst part that both of you were starting fights that seemed to be about nothing important?  At first it can be fun to just make up. But now do you even bother trying anymore?

These factors are causing you both to draw away from each other.

You are caught in a bad cycle!

Discover here how to STOP and BREAK that cycle… for good!

Tips that Heal

My marriage to my wonderful wife, Sarah has seen troubled times come and go.  Those hurts dealt me by my wife are always more CUTTING when I do not understand where she is coming from.  BUT, when I understand how she feels about something else in her life – Now coming to the surface, I can easily dismiss any unintended offense by her.

Here it is again; “When a crisis makes sense, it hurts less!

The Game Is Afoot!

In times like this, when your marriage seems to be crumbling to pieces around you… Get into investigate mode!  Be Sherlock Holmes, as he famously put’s it, “Come, Come, the Game is Afoot!”.

Perk your senses up, look for clues that tell you what went wrong.  Your sharp mind will play this “Game” and win!

Make sense of the problems.  Is there a common thread to all of your problems in your marriage?  Think back to figure out what problems were swept under the rug. Problems now back to get you!

  • Is trust the main issue?
  • Is second guessing and put downs at play in your marriage?
  • Is there a power struggle, or a control issue going on?
  • Abuse?
  • Is a tragedy outside of your control slowly tearing you both apart?
  • Are you living in separate worlds – neither sharing happiness, nor helping each other through grief?
  • Infidelity?
  • Unresolved conflict?
  • Pressuring each other about non-negotiables?
  • Stress eating both of you away?
  • A guilty conscience that medicates itself through spitefulness and mental abuse?

The list really goes on… But, at least now you know where to start so you can save your marriage!

Now you can use turn your marriage crisis around.  Together, the two of you can make some important changes and follow some critical steps, to create a positive relationship.

Now’s the time to “make right” any damaging wrongs.

Hit send!

Take the time to talk with your spouse.  This is one of the best first moves that you can make in order to restore your marriage to one that is full of love and fulfilling.

Share any concerns you may have about your marriage problems and create open, honest and respectful two-way communication.  This will allow both of you to share your thoughts, concerns and ideas that each of you need to know.  This will help the two of you to solve those issues.

Honor and Respect

The way to make your thoughts, ideas and concerns to be heard and understood without causing further trouble is to make sure that you use respectful communication skills.

Make sure that you do not use accusing or personal attacks.  In its place, state your concerns clearly and give your spouse the chance to respond free of any interruption.  Really listen to your spouse’s words and try to come up with the best resolution you can come up with together.

Arguing is like the “Upper Hand”  Game used by kids on baseball sandlots all over the U.S. Two team captains battle to have his or her upper hand cover the top of the bat, while taking turns grabbing at it.

Instead, be on the same team.  Being on the same team, as it were, can involve healthy arguing, but each knows that he and she are a team!

If an unhealthy argument is brewing, then it may be time to take immediate action, if… You really want all of the step-by-step instructions, and are ready to give your 100% effort to change  painful hurt and bitterness into healing and wholeness, then check out my free report, Click here!

Hurricane Shelter Together

A good cure for a marriage troubles can be making your home into a personal hurricane shelter. How?

In 2004, Florida got pelted by Hurricane Charlie. I remember that hurricane so much because it was such a healthy thing for my wife and I. For several days it was crazy outside and unsafe to go to work. My wife and I had a mini vacation in that house, even though we did not have electricity or AC in the hot Florida sun.  What we did have was lots of time to talk in the dark!

So, even if many things are stressful and bringing you down as a couple – it pays to take time off from everything and just have alone time.

Use the open-ended and constructive communication steps, make sure to take every opportunity to spend more time together doing effective marriage problem solving and open communication.

At the same time, you and your spouse need to reserve more time out of your busy day (with or without the vacation)  in order to make more time to work on your marriage.  You can do this by by limiting outside obligations.  This can also allow you to have regular date nights, which will work wonders to help both of you get back on track.

Go to the Woodshed!

Hopefully, you will be learning from your efforts to take fast action that will allow each of you to appreciate each other again. But it will take going to the woodshed to make it happen for good this time!

In the world of Jazz music, going to the “woodshed” is slang for practicing the hard stuff, so that when it comes time to perform – you sound like perfectly natural.

It takes a lot of work to jazz it up, making up the song as they go, but in perfect harmony with the band and always returning to the foundation of the song.

Practice this stuff!

Continually doing this will help you build a stronger, healthier, and better marriage together.

What You Need to Survive Marriage Trouble!

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