Premarital Counselor

Premarital Counselor

Two dynamic personalities joining to become one unit, open up the possibilities of conflict and the possibilities of unimaginable joys.  Premarital counseling can help in both arenas.

Wisdom is just as much about trying to predict and preparing for the inevitable difficulties you may face.  Accurate foresight to prepare yourselves for the types of marital problems that if prepared for can prevent divorce is always more valuable than accurate hindsight about what actually did cause divorce in any marriage.   No marriage will thrive unless it is made a commitment and a priority and premarital counseling can also drive that reality before a special wedding day at the alter and thereafter.

The life issues that will be addressed by a premarital counselor will include:

  • relationship strengthening advice,
  • differences between men and women and how to make those differences complement your marriage,
  • conflict resolution,
  • life planning,
  • child rearing and
  • family roles and the household arrangements
  • how to always help each other grow more in love together over time and the “till death do us part” duration of the marriage

A good premarital counselor should be a professional, impartial counselor who is not a friend of the family.  Not being a friend of the family will add the security for all involved that honesty and openness will stay confidential and make it less embarrassing to tell the truth, thereby promoting honesty and openness.

This premarital counselor should go over the aforementioned issues, focusing on the marriage as a whole, but also focusing on the positive qualities of both the groom and bride to be.  These details of the counseling being in place will help you know that you can overcome these issues and thrive in a very successful, positive and rewarding marriage that will last a lifetime.

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