Thoughts on love for my bride

Love is mysterious. There is a death and rebirth that follows it everywhere if love will be able to build intimacy in a marriage. I’m Not referring to reincarnation, or the phoenix myth. Jesus makes it clear that if you want to live, you have to die. (Matt 10:39, 16:25)

I never knew how raw and vulnerable I could possibly be until I opened my heart to my bride. It is the best thing that could happen to me. My soul grows stronger because she builds me up to become God’s man. Hope filled perseverance is what results as Romans 5:3-5 becomes reality in our marriage.

Her beauty is unchanging, and still blows me away. In fact her beauty has blossomed all the more. I only see a young and beautiful woman with exquisitely grace-filled brown eyes. And, over the 10 years we have been married that hard shell around my heart has crumbled more, and more each new day. She is the greatest gift apart from Jesus that God has ever given to me.

Special Language

There is one last thing that has died . . . only so it can be made alive with fresh new vigor in my marriage. That thing is the special language that she and I share. We used to talk for hours with an intensity and creative flare that made the hours go by like that! Somewhere along the way work and mounting responsibilities killed that special language we shared.

Funny thing is that as soon as we started to knit our souls back together through obeying God’s call to step out and start a new life as up and coming missionaries . . . that creative energy has come back in spades. God has re-birthed the special love language of our youth.

Undoubtedly, you and your mate had a special way of talking to each other. You had that wonderful newness of your love for each other. Reclaim it by doing something bold and fun together–what ever that may become.

A wife’s most important love language

Last time I said I would reveal the love language of most wives. Quality time is that #1 love language. Whatever needs to be done to make quality time happen–do it!

These are just some thoughts on love for my bride to read as a love note and a call to husbands to make how you feel about your bride known to her.

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