Unhappy Marriage

Unhappy Marriage

Do you feel like you are trapped in an unhappy marriage and see that the only way to ever be happy again is to get a divorce from your jail mate, because, well, a jail mate seems to be all that they are to you and all that you are to them?   You started out as loving, caring, fully romantically involved marriage partners who stood tall and walked proudly together, full of hopes, dreams and excitement for each new day.

What happened to those people?  What happened to the once happy marriage the both of you shared?  Do you have to end it all or is there a way to bring function, excitement, harmony and happiness back into your ailing and failing marriage?  The answers are that your happy marriage became a real testing marriage and there is hope to regain and dramatically improve your marriage to become very happy and satisfying.

Willingness to do what it takes to commit to build a happy marriage together

All it takes is willingness to make changes to build trust and understanding, learning how to cope with problems together and how to appreciate and help each other to reach the fullest possible potential of each others happiness together.  Write all your ideas down for how to regain your happiness in the marriage again and share them with your spouse.  Encourage your spouse to do the same.  If you have to do it alone then do it and get to action implementing the new ideas and techniques for happy times to be here again for your marriage.

Things to consider when you make your list of things to change to bring happiness

First consider that an unhappy marriage is not made through trying to make each other unhappy, little things along the way that irritated the harmony of your relationship can be turned around by learning how to better relate to the needs and situation of your marriage partner.  Take action to end the unhappiness in your marriage.

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Happiness is not always being right all the time

Perhaps the reason why your marriage is unhappy is because one or both of you found it extremely difficult to let go of unimportant things of which had to be the way they said it had to be.  That spouse would have the satisfaction of getting their way or proving points but that attitude seriously drives wedges between the marriage mates and causes an atmosphere of resentment and unhappiness.  Pick your battles wisely, if it is not absolutely critical then don’t argue about it.  For a marriage to be happy someone has to yield the right of way to the other spouse at one time or another.

Only change the things you can change

To limit unhappiness within the marriage learn to list and identify the over-stressful, aggravating and truly difficult things in both your lives and within the marriage.  Decide together the difficult situations that can be avoided, turned around and / or eliminated and work to change those negative factors of life into happy things in the marriage.  However, the next and more important thing to do is to identify those difficult things that cannot be helped, avoided, turned around and / or eliminated and accept them for what they are and get them over with so that you and your spouse can focus on the things that can be good for bringing happiness in the marriage.  Doing so will find opportunity where it was not found before and limit the frustration of the things that cannot be helped.

Relationship Changes

Get with your spouse and make sure that you see steady progress in these and other aspects of the mood and feel of your marriage.  Work towards the positive, happy relationship changes that will kick start your marital happiness, romance and constructive passions to form a more perfect union of your marriage.  Then make sure that the two of you are aware of common marriage relationship damaging mistakes, outlined in the following free report, downloadable to you right NOW!Who Else Wants To Discover The 15 Killer Mistakes People Make Trying To Save Their Marriage?

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