Valentines Day in the Blue Ridge Mtns of NC & Emotional IQ for Husbands

As the marriage and family director of Haydee’s Puerto Rican Café this public service announcement is done with much appreciation for the couples that are discovering us for the first time as I meld the wisdom of strengthening families, with family centered Latin food.

With Valentines Day coming up tomorrow (today if you are reading this on Wed, Feb 14th, 2018) it might help to get a babysitter so that you and your spouse can relax and enjoy the ambiance and tranquility of each other’s presence!

Co-owner, Josué, and I are making plans to make it special for you and your loved ones! We are so excited to put a special night together so you can be transported to Puerto Rico on the most romantic night of the year at Haydee’s Puerto Rican Cafe.

It is the 1st Fast, Fun, and True Puerto Rican Flavors here in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Where You Can Round Up Your Busy Family for Family Harmony Away from the stress of work and dinner time with the Sazón of the Paradise of Puerto Rico! The restaurant is a joy to be a part of to serve families and friends in my area.

Here are some tips I gave pastors in my website on Emotional Intelligence that crossover to marriages quite well so you can better prepare for Valentines Day:

“When I was a young soldier in the US ARMY serving as the Post Chaplain’s barracks pastor the Chaplain taught me a valuable lesson.

He told me,

Jesus’ Essential emotional intelligence definition for a pastor is different than for any other leader out there. You gotta have more than the ability to just spot, get a grip on, wrap your mind around, and command emotions in beneficial ways. You have to do that while you calmly communicate like Jesus. His emotional intelligence definition is all about compassion for and empathy with others so you can help them overcome all challenges we face, and defuse conflict.

When a pastor (or husband) preaches (or lives out) the gospel in a way that communicates the heart of God through the truth of the gospel… It is a special message of Jesus’ love! That “special-ness” makes them say, “yes” to Jesus’ call for their lives!”

Key #1: Put Emotional Bonding Into Play

Proverbs 18:24 – A man [that hath] friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend [that] sticketh closer than a brother.

Here’s a simple truth: if a congregation isn’t comfortable with you (and your emotional intelligence), they wouldn’t consider respecting you.

A congregation (or family) has to feel a considerable measure of closeness before they can joyfully respect you on a deeper level.”

So, leaving work at work and time to listen to your kids when you are with them will build that bond of closeness that father’s need. The same goes for the fact that even more time needs to be invested in listening to their wives for that closeness to emerge as well. If the marriage is in shambles, then the whole family will feel it. When time is limited, focus on closeness with your wife first. I hope that this little tip sheet on emotional intelligence helps marriages and families on Valentines Day.

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