Work Life Balance And Marriage

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At Keep Marriage Alive, marriage blogs are reviewed regularly so that marriage building news can be provided on a regular basis to help under-gird what Keep Marriage Alive is all about, helping couples “keep marriage alive“.   One particular blog reported on a forum The White House had on March 31st, 2010 concerning the concept of workplace flexibility, which, “offered a good opportunity to see how our notion of “workplace” has been evolving. In addition, a report entitled “WORK-LIFE BALANCE AND THE ECONOMICS OF WORKPLACE FLEXIBILITY” was also issued by the White House. It highlights why workplace flexibility is needed and how “many employers have adapted to the changing realities of American workers.” (Workplace flexibility). Also, the first couple talked about the importance of “cultivating a successful marriage and family while pursuing careers about which they feel passionate” (Workplace Flexibility). Marriages are becoming so important that it is becoming an issue that both Corporate America and government of the US are making it more of a priority in order to progress prosperously into the future.


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