How to Make My Wife Want Me

When you begin to sense that your marriage to your wife is starting to fall apart you must first take emotional courage and accept that you have played a part in the problem. Examine your own character for clues to find answers to your question of, “how to make my wife want me.”

Some months ago, I was too busy with a new business venture to even want to know “how to make my wife want me more”!

OK. So, then one day I decided that I did want to know how to make my wife want me… because, I saw her start to slip away from me. It really started to make me wonder, “what can I do to get my wife to be passionate again”? Truth was intimacy had become a missing ingredient to the success of our marriage.

I’ve walked a mile in your shoes. Maybe that’s not a lot compared to what you feel you are going through right now, but all that matters is that I’ve been there and have truly discovered the joy and satisfaction of rebuilding intimacy… and my marriage with my wife. And, I want others to know that feeling as well.

So I care about the success of your marriage as well as that of my own!

Let’s think about this for a second. You know of married couples with great marriages – who seem to have no problems in the intimacy department. You wonder; “Then why is sex such a Big Problem in my marriage?”

Well, you can discover a whole different approach that allows you to step into her emotional world – within Your Comfort Level. Truth is, for a marriage to be really satisfying there just has to be a good balance of intimacy that goes beyond the sexual satisfaction and sincerely embraces the emotional element of intimacy.

Examining the genuineness of my own character and putting forth sincere effort to put my wife’s needs above my own made my wife see me in a whole new light. And I believe that it can do the same for you too. Oh, and make sure you read through the entire first part of this article for some really cool surprises!

The point I am making here is: If you think about and put into action how strong character and confidence turns your wife on to you… then she will actually want you when you two have time alone.

How? Here’s how.

How to Make My Wife Want Me: What You Will Learn Today

So, in this article you will learn why respectfully meeting her emotional needs first is the answer for improving both of your sexual satisfaction in your marriage.

Her sexual engine will not run when her love tank is dry. That means that her engine will stall if it is not properly lubricated. I’m talking about giving her emotional security here because she will see that you care about her. That you care about her needs, first. Also, when the marriage is cold –  You have to warm up her engine, man!

Discover how to do it using incredible secrets available only here, such as:

  1. “Man Up” – Get your house in order And be confident
  2. Ask her how she is “feeling” & Just listening to her answer
  3. Repeat her answer to her to prove that you cared enough to listen
  4. Pursue her daily… by caring & seeking to understand her emotional state of mind
  5. Share at least one thing that matters to you with her through openness and transparency… so both of your worlds can come together…
  6. Very Important!!! — Stop guessing about what your wife likes when it comes to – before intimacy, during intimacy, and after intimacy. Ask her what she likes best. Ask her point-blank what things you say and do that make her feel cherished. Get the answer straight from her… so you know “how to make my wife want me” by knowing what gets her in the mood when you make her feel special.
  7. Then repeat steps 2 – 5. Really spend time focusing on and sincerely applying “her” answers for your question of “how to make my wife want me.”
  8. Romance really does work wonders – she wants to feel desired by you — roses and genuinely emotionally charged romantic words and actions tell her you want her… Not just sex with her.
  9. These are secrets to turning on your wife – including later on – you will learn how to look at her and “touch her” into sex with you, and much, much more!

I really have a lot to say about how I learned these secrets, including a very special marriage saving system that I found that helped me so much on my journey.

But, if you just can’t wait to discover for yourself what I discovered… that helped turn my wife’s attitude toward me completely around, into one of devotion and passion for me and our marriage, then click the link, how to make my wife want me? Sure it can take a bit of work to get her engine lubricated and warmed up, but as you grow in emotional connection with your wife… Sex will be easier to get with your wife, and more frequent to boot!

How to Make My Wife Want Me: Reach Your Wife The Right Way!

You’re a husband who is doing something about your intimacy issues with your wife. That’s a real good thing. Because, you’re a man who really wants to feel strong, manly, and fully capable of being a dynamo of support and pleasure for his wife… a wife who wants to return the favor!

But, if you are being rejected at every pass and feel that your marriage is in danger, then all of those deep needs are replaced by frustration!

Hey, it is no wonder that according to the “National Sex Survey,” 51.1% of married men point out that they are not satisfied with the amount of sex they have in their marriages. When those numbers so closely match the national divorce average, the thought of sex-life trouble really becomes terrifying! So you are not alone,

but what can you do?

OK. Now I am going to take you further down the path of succeeding in your quest of knowing “how to make my wife want me” through little things that are easily overlooked and neglected by husbands everywhere.

If you have tried “everything you can think of” – yet, cannot seem to turn on that switch in her brain that makes her desire you like nothing else, then most definitely this is the MOST IMPORTANT article you will read all year to answer your question of “how to make my wife want me.” It will unlock the secrets of reaching your wife on an ‘Earth Shatteringly’ emotional level.

I want to stress to you that I am talking about a raw emotional and sexual level of intimacy that few men understand, or have the pleasure of experiencing with their wives! So let’s boldly go forward in this quest for greater intimacy in your marriage.

Get to know what it means to have relief from sexual tension & frustration with your wife…

do it through my new secrets to making your wife DESIRE sex with you, and never want to fake a headache ever again! So, right now I will share with you those hidden secrets on how to pursue her with passion that targets her female sexual needs. You can tap into pent-up, but limitless rivers of desire from your wife. The # one secret is that she will respect you if you confidently SHOW her that you want intimate connection with her! Proving that to her will make all the difference in the world.

How I solved the problem of how to make my wife want me more.

The solution that I took for how to make my wife want me… was a simple decision. I decided to stand up and become the kind of man that she could depend on for romance. I did that by treating her in loving ways that would cause her to open up to me and want sex with me again.

That is not easy for most guys; me included. But, I knew the rewards outweigh the effort.

So, I really want to show you the #1 sex secret… and other sex secrets that I used to make my wife want me like crazy!

Here it is:

“How to Make My Wife Want Me with Deep Impact”

1.  Passionately Touch her & Look at her

This will help you answer your questions of “How can I get my wife to be intimate with me again?”

The simple truth is that secretly, your wife has a deep psychological need for you as her husband to touch and look at her passionately.

But if you are like most guys locking eyes does not come easy. You love your wife and want her to want you.

However, looking at your wife and keeping eye contact with her are two separate things.

Biologically, your high levels of the hormone testosterone can be to blame for your reluctance to keep eye contact. When you lock eyes it makes you brain trick you into feeling threatened because you perceive it as a threat. Then your old “fight or flight” reflex takes over. Beating your “how to make my wife want me” problem will require overcoming this difficulty. You may have to deliberately overcome the monotony of seeing your wife day in and day out.

Start to look at her differently to liven her visual appeal to you and deliberately make deeper eye contact with her. Seeing her in a new and deeper way should raise your brain’s levels of the hormone dopamine. Those “how to make my wife want me” feel good “highs” like that “UP” you levels of arousal, which in turn stimulate more visual connection.

To know “how to make my wife want me” begin to look deeper and begin to appreciate her inner beauty…

Find a part of her face that you like. Pick any physical characteristic that appeals to you and focus what makes you feel good when you look at it. Then, after you have appreciated it fully, look as deep as you can in her eyes, and tell her about her beauty.

As you become more comfortable with deep eye contact with her she will begin to start to open up to you even if you still do not have a lot to tell her from day to day. It works because your eye contact and expression of how you appreciate her beauty can mean a lot to her.

Understanding that key psychological need is a big key to solving your, “how to make my wife want me” problem.

And, just to show that this really works, here is a pic of Sarah and me after working through these challenges together!

Really, It is her need to feel that her beauty – as a woman – can cause you to notice her and caress her. Show her that her beauty causes you to drop anything else that may have been on your mind, or agenda to simply enjoy her… and want to sweep her off her feet!

1.  Passionately Tell her how you feel about her.  Tell her what her beauty does to you!

Your wife needs to know what her beauty does to you!

Her desires for you are triggered through romantic words you say to her about the relationship both of you share. Your carefully crafted words and verbal imagery will cause her passions to rise and devotion to your marriage to be solidified!

This helps her to feel safe, secure, and pursued for her beauty.

You will be able to work wonders unleashing the power of her need to have her beauty appreciated in the way you caress her neck, shoulders, thighs, and play with her hair and look into her eyes while listening and talking to her – And that brings me to my next point.

“How to Make My Wife Want Me with more Deep Impact”:

2. Deeply Listen to Her & Look Deeply Into Her Eyes!

As I said before, it really makes a deep impact on her to engage her with deep, even “piercing” eye contact. The point I want to make here to help you in your quest to answer your question of how to make my wife want me is that strong eye contact speaks volumes of sincerity. This works even when you are at a loss for words at that moment.

You want your eyes to communicate that you are trustworthy, caring, and the right man for her passions to be unleashed upon.

Then she can feel secure enough to open up to you about why she has not been interested in “wanting you” or wanting to have sex with you. Remember that laundry list of possible causes for why a wife may lose her sexual desire for sex with you? Well, now you will find out why she thinks her desire for you is gone and then something can be done about it.

“How to Make My Wife Want Me”: Your level of leadership as her husband will determine how good your intimacy in your marriage with your wife will really get

The more that you show confidence, caring control, and assertiveness, the more your wife will respond in-kind! It is that simple. Your wife is wired to passionately respect, love, and satisfy you in response to the level of security and love she gets from you!

That is why as soon as I realized that my marriage was in trouble, and intimacy was only one of the symptoms of something much more devastating, I did my homework on the internet and found the marriage saving system and 6 day mini course, Save My Marriage Today, by Amy Waterman. I gave me a lot of the prospective that I am sharing with you today and it helped me save my marriage, for good!

Check out it right away and see for yourself!

Remember, it is a strong marriage, pleasure, and respect that you want and this is what “Save My Marriage Today” offers!

How to Make My Wife Want Me: It’s time for the Truth

Fellas, listen up:  Truth is, you hold the keys that can open the lock on her sexual desires for you.

And begging, pleading, and demanding ain’t it!

The truth is . . .that kind of craziness will only turn her off more.

So, why is it so hard to find respect at home, when you have people listening to you and respecting you at work?

Funny thing is, the answer is found in the simple statement: “It’s time for mutual respect!”

It’s one of your deepest needs, and if you respect her “emotionally driven” sexual needs first, then you will fill her love tank, lubricate her engine, and set her desire for you to overdrive.

Respect, its all a part of a healthy sex-life with your wife.

“How to Make My Wife Want Me”: Facing the Truth of the Matter!

However, your reality right now is that you’re in the middle of a nasty “dry-spell” with your wife. Instead of both of you heating up the bedroom on a regular basis, you have been given turn-down after turn down – You lie awake in the night wondering “how to make my wife want me!”

  • “I am too tired”
  • “I have a lot going on in my head”
  • “I’m stressed at work”
  • “I have a headache, stomach ache, backache” . . .
  • “It’s just not the right time”

Well, are you tired of hearing these EXCUSES?

Are you tired of having to BEG, PLEAD, and crush your own dignity in the process of trying to get your wife in bed with you?

Do you want to do something about it, without having to go elsewhere to find it and in return disrespect her!?  Believe it or not, YOU CAN!

Because, if you do not help her regain her sexual desire for you, then a solution may come too late…

Does this worry you?

Now I am repeating myself a bit here, but this “how to make my wife want me” advice is too important Not to emphasize once again. She will go dry and have little to no sexual desire for you unless you:

  1. Sincerely ask her how she is doing
  2. Listen to her answer
  3. Ask her how you can help
  4. Ask her to tell you exactly how you can help her to want greater intimacy with you!
  5. And, pursue her with passion based on the truths of female sexual needs that I will soon share with you!

I found out that pleasing my wife was possible and doing that stuff really made her want me!

OK. I know that when you read this you probably do not want to hear all about me! Right?

Instead, think about your relationship and troubles trying to get your wife interested in wanting you and think about how you can apply what I have to share to your situation.

Because, if you want to unleash her desire for you, then listen closely to what I have to share with you.

How to Make My Wife Want Me: Digging a Bit Deeper… starting with a question to you!

Let’s dig a little bit here, and get at some of the reasons why you are wondering, “how to make my wife want me?” Have you started to think the following to yourself?

“Somewhere along the way my wife has lost her desire for sex with me… While I’m going nuts in the mean time.”

– Wives often have sexual peaks and lulls that seem to defy reason. However, there are many reasons that can cause her to turn you down for sex when you want it most. Everything from:

  1. low sex-hormone levels that go up and down with her monthly cycle
  2. depression
  3. stress
  4. having kids
  5. self esteem and self-image issues
  6. medication side-effects
  7. AND… the Big one affecting most marriages, she can’t become aroused unless her emotional and sexual needs are FIRST met by you the husband!

All of these can lower her sex-drive… & the list goes on!

“How to make my wife want me”: The Real Pain her sexual withholding causes

If you can have that intimacy with your wife back, then you can have the kind of pleasure that will make you feel accomplished and respected by her as well.

All of that is wrapped up in your search for answers about, “How to make my wife want me again!”

“How to Make My Wife Want Me”: Hey, Its Easier Than You Might Think!

The solution to your dilemma is easier and more natural to your relationship with your wife than you think. I will continue focus on the techniques that show you how to best touch her, and look at her while you listen to her in the bonuses at the end.

I have to stress that it is important to show confidence in the way you relate to your wife. While you do that focus on doing the technique I mentioned earlier that shows you how to best look at her while you listen to her.

It is the “best way” that gives you the “best possible influence to make her want you like crazy!

“How to Make My Wife Want Me”: The Feeling of Freedom from Sexual Frustration!

Just imagine being able to turn her on throughout the course of the day, or just at the right time. It is an unimaginable, yet incredible feeling of freedom. It is the feeling of being a man that is respected!

You Can Make This Happen!

Now you know how you can actually do the things that she actually wants from you in a way that will unlock her pent-up passion for you. If you have been reading along, then good for you. You have a lot of solid wisdom to act on. In fact, “how to make my wife want me” is all about the very act of making her truly feel loved and cherished. That will break the damn that is holding back her passion. So Get Started Right Now!


Here are the bonus’ that I told you about:

“How to Make My Wife Want Me“: Talk Lovingly and Honestly with her!

“How to Make My Wife Want Me“: Touch her with purpose, then passion!

“How to Make My Wife Want Me“: One Way to Prove You are a Confident Man

In case you missed it, you definitely want to scroll a little ways up and check out the awesome tip I gave subtitled:

“How to Make My Wife Want Me with Deep Impact”: Passionately Touch her & Look at her

, which is followed up with:

“How to Make My Wife Want Me with more Deep Impact”: Deeply Listen to Her & Look Deeply Into Her Eyes!

You will not believe how simple and easy it is to turn on your wife to want to passionately have sex with you!

So that said, please leave a comment.

Tell others about your story! About either your journey to answer your question of, “how to make my wife want me”, or offer your advice to help those men who still are stuck and in a rut.

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