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If you are feeling sexually and emotionally distant from your spouse and have tried “everything” to rekindle that sexual intimacy, then this is the MOST IMPORTANT Report on getting back ALL of the Intimacy you deserve in your marriage that you will read this year!

What Really Turns On and Excites Your Spouse to Drop all inhibition so both of you can have an Intimate Marriage? I bet you would like to know more on this! Who wouldn’t?

From the “National Sex Survey” for married men 51.1% say that they aren’t satisfied with their amount of sex in their marriages and 57.9% of married women give the same sentiment. Kinda close to the national average for divorce rates.


Fortunately, I am going to share 2 Ground-Breaking & Life Changing things that any husband can do in his marriage to make his wife jump at opportunities to be intimate with him!

It has to do with giving her what she secretly wants. You see she won’t tell you what she really wants, because for her if she does, the whole emotional build up she needs will be ruined. SO I will tell it to you soon enough…

This is the key to incredible influence your wife wants you to use!

Intimate Marriage tip #1:Husbands Your Leadership can Restore Intimacy In Marriage

The first simple thing that can make a big difference is all about a husband’s initiative and boldness.

Skill, sensitivity to your wife’s relational needs and timing are crucial for you to have an intimate marriage again, so you can have the best results you want with your wife. Wife, you know that you feel loved when he takes charge and leads with understanding of your emotional needs. Right?

As a husband, you will often get confused about what you hear coming from your wife’s mouth concerning what she wants from you – she will give you “cold” and “bothered” body language and say, “I just want to be left alone.”  But that is not what she means. That is a test to see if you will pursue her and simply want to find out why she is upset.

Wives, this is where Your husband’s Assertiveness is critical.

Husband, think about it this way, she not only wants to know that you ‘take charge’, but that you also understand that you will

Not try to fix her

Not try to fix the situation right off the bat, but you will listen to her position from an emotional standpoint. It is best that you consider what she had to say and then when it is your turn to talk start off by saying the following:

“Let me see if I understood you correctly,…” then repeat to her what she just said; asking if you got it right when you are finished.

If she tells you that you got it right, say something like:

“I want to handle this with x,y, and z, but I want you to know that I appreciate your emotional need to be able to work through a,b, and/or c emotions!”

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Next you should be ready to talk about…

Sex in YOUR Intimate Marriage

Let’s face it, many times; in many marriages the husband does just wants to have things fixed as soon as possible – but as we just talked about, a wife wants to feel things through and come to emotional happiness. Both husbands and wives not working in the way the other might want them to causes a lot of “cold shoulder” misunderstanding. This gets in the way of your desire for an intimate marriage! That is why both of you should practice the above method of coming to understanding of one another – From situation to situation!

Also, lets face it again, many times, in many marriages the husband has a more consistent desire for sex than his wife. Husbands, your higher level of Testosterone verses her much lower level of Testosterone is a huge factor of this. In many cases the wife feels pressured to have sex by her husband ‘a lot’, which can lead to the stonewalling and rejection of the husband’s advances.  Husbands, there are subtle ways to avoid this frustrating situation and instead have more consistent intimacy with a very sexually interested and sexually ready wife.

You will find that if you have fun taking care of your wife’s emotional and “loving touch” needs whenever possible – throughout the day, even…

That you will help her be ready for sexual intimacy. Trust me a woman wants to be pursued and have a confident man pull her aside from time to time. You can carry this way of helping your wife gain sexual desire into your lovemaking with her through “loving foreplay”.

However, when fulfilling her emotional needs with a little bit of foreplay do not forget to be decisive. When she seems ready and when you are definitely ready, decisively initiate the next phase of lovemaking to allow sexual intercourse to happen.  That is how you can show her that you are leading the intimacy to fulfilling sex.

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Before both of you are intimate, work out your intimacy signals together. An intimate marriage doesn’t need a ‘game plan’, But…

It helps to know each others sexual ‘likes & dislikes’ in this way.  Plan how the two of you will have a natural flow of intimacy together.

Communicate and signal each other when each of you are ready for the next phase, during your intimacy. Your intimate communication and clear signals back and forth to each other throughout foreplay and sexual intercourse will tell each of you when he or she is ready and when the two of you should move past foreplay.

Husbands, she will appreciate risks taking on your part.

It is OK to make mistakes, but you might turn off the magic if you give up or muddle around.  These qualities in a man are the real reason why women complain, “Why do I always fall for bad boys?”

Most often bad boys know what they want and they show women these qualities.  The trick is that any husband can “make assertiveness work” to have an intimate marriage.

PLUS, I BELIEVE that YOU REALLY WANT to do what it takes to…

Stop the Torture and Get Your Intimate Marriage to Take Off Immediately!

You are here because you are tired of getting those frustrating excuses from your wife or husband on why “tonight just isn’t a good night for sex!”

Both husbands and wives need to get the most intimacy in their marriage. You need the confidence boost that intimate passion from your wife makes deep in the heart of your chest. It once was built up by the intimate marriage you once shared together.

&… If you are a wife, this “Marriage Savior Program” is the kind of thing you want to have him check out!

You want the feelings of thrill and joy that come with having an intimate marriage. You want feelings of happiness and harmony that can strongly bind you and your spouse together. Not having these feelings for a long time almost can feel like the marriage could end at any time! Don’t let that happen!

But, I am well aware that…

Only 1 out of 100 married people will respond to this appeal!

“Wake Up” if you do not have any concern for your marriage going one way or another!”

Most men and woman feel a sense of being “trapped.” The way out of unhappiness is not by doing nothing until everything crashes down around you. The way out of unhappiness is not found by fighting each other through mind games or power plays.

Honest Influence is the way to work with each other and to make them passionate about what you stand for! Standing up for the life & intimacy of your marriage IS the path to marriage happiness!

Most well meaning husbands or wives say they want to make up and make the marriage happy again. But truth be told, most don’t have a clue what that means.

Instead, they just end up complaining to their friends about how unreasonable and cold their spouse is to them – “it borders on abuse!”, they say! Most husbands and wives would rather complain and self medicate their problems then do something radical about it. Most husbands or wives say they want to be happier, but will instead just keep on doing what has never worked before.

The married person who truly is willing to do whatever it takes to have an intimate marriage… often, is able to succeed!

If you’re dead serious about getting the sex and intimacy back into your marriage, then it is time to step up to the plate and do something both of you can appreciate – I urge you to listen to my message as if it were the single most important thing that you heard!

Of course, I’m not convincing you of anything you do not already know!

Because, I think it is safe to assume that you are that  “1 out of 100″ kinda person. I am sure, because you are actively searching for real solutions to bring back emotional and sexual satisfaction to your marriage! You already understand that quick-fix tricks are not the way to go.

Sooner, rather than later he or she would come to the realization of the lie or dubiousness of the trick and demand a confession. Smart to avoid this trap: Its like the old proverb, he who prepares snares for others fall into their own traps! Many a trickster regrets having first deceived when the consequences backfire in their face.

Now, I do want to encourage you to never give-up on working on your love life.

You CAN go through the fun & happy work of reconnecting with your spouse. You deserve to be sure that your marriage can stay healthy and intimate and enjoy making it happen at the same time.

Here at ‘ Keep Marriage Alive’, I want to give you advice that does more than just tell you simple tips to try, I want you to have your intimacy questions answered that require fun relational & sexual pursuits. These fun pursuits become the motivation to make it all work, so you can have all the passion a  marriage ‘Must Have’ for the long run.

Intimate Marriage Tip #2:

Kiss All the Time

The second simple trick to having an intimate marriage is to make opportunities to kiss. Husband, when you kiss your wife remember her as the loving friend she once was, is, and will be in the future.  Arouse the feelings of friendship and closeness with her and you can have the frame of mind to make any change needed to make the relationship an intimate marriage.

If you are ready to check-out the all-in-one guide to helping you get your wife “intimately interested” in you again.  This is more than just a romance building eBook and materials, it can transform the way your wife looks at you and how she respects you.  Wife’s, this is a present you give to him that keeps on giving back to you! Check it out when you click the link below

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Bonus “Intimate Marriage” Advice:

The 2 tips to husbands was just the beginning. Next, think of yourselves as a husband and wife team. My wife Sarah and I want you to listen to this video message about how the “Your Marriage Savior” system has helped our marriage and can help yours too! Check it out!

Fixing Incompatibilities by learning ALL you can about them to Get Your Intimate Marriage Back on Track!

You can overcome any incompatibilities or differences with your mate that prevent the two of you from having an intimate marriage by deciding to study who your spouse is as a person.

Uncover the reasons why they do those things they do that may drive you crazy.

Want to know how to do it?  Good!  First, despite the fact that you may already know the answer, ask him or her how they grew up communicating with others.

Let him or her open up about his or her experiences with others.  That will grant you an all access pass to understanding where they are coming from when they say or do something that Urks you to no end.

Next time he or she upsets you by his or her actions or words think back to the story of his or her life.  Sure, you can feel hurt by what he or she said or did, it is important that you communicate the fact that your feelings were hurt by him or her, but put that hurt in context of the understanding that that is the only way they know how to communicate.

If your spouse purposely does something to hurt you;

…Then share your feelings about the issue without casting blame, and make sure that you explain why your feelings were hurt. Give your “point of view”, but try and think first about where they are coming from based on what you already understand concerning his or her way of doing things.

Then when it is time to figure out a solution to what ever the problem might have been – explain how and why your ‘way’ of handling situations is different from their methods.  This will help the two-of-you to find common ground, a place to restart the friendship all-over-again and come away from the argument closer than before.

Closeness is the sign of an “intimate marriage”.

Unlock the hidden passion and sexual enjoyment that is vital to a healthy marriage

Get your intimate marriage back now that there is a beginning of closeness and a feeling a joy and excitement.  It is a good thing that becoming greater friends can lead to an intimate marriage.

You can, by discovering for yourself the wonders of how to spice up the intimacy of any marriage by clicking the link Intimate Marriage Secrets, by the man they call “the Love Genius”, Michael Cross.

Let’s Get Started!!!

Set the Atmosphere for an Intimate Marriage

Mood plays a big part in cultivating an enjoyable, fulfilling sex life for an intimate marriage with your marriage partner. Overall, a stressful house hold and family life takes-away from the natural progression of intimacy between married couples, on a day to day basis.  Do whatever it takes to eliminate confusion, stress and disorder in the home.  The effort to get the house under order can go a long way to promote an environment for intimacy in marriage.

Husbands, helping your wife accomplish those stressful tasks that drain her of desire for intimacy can help your wife to appreciate you and want to regain an “intimate marriage” together.  All the while, husbands make sure that you whisper to her how beautiful, special, and tantalizing she is to you.  Also, whisper some of the details of the romance you have in store for her later that night.  Doing so can take the edge off and mentally prepare the both of you to allow fireworks to happen later on in the bedroom.

Furthermore, “romancing-up” the environment and engaging in playful encounters together will cultivate an “intimate marriage”. Setting-up candles, fragrant scents, and dimming the lights around the dining room and in the bedroom will promote a sensual mood for both of you.  This can lead up to the foreplay in the bedroom all promote an enjoyable, satisfying and fulfilling sex life in your marriage.

An Intimate Marriage Requires Taking Decisive Action

Husbands, decisive action to set up the environment for an intimate marriage is crucial for making this plan work.  You can best be able to coordinate “romancing-up” the environment most effectively by learning leadership principles from the “Your Marriage Savior” eBook training package, by marriage expert, Michael Cross.  I highly recommend that you learn the secret of this leadership model developed by the “Love Genius”.

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