Intimate Marriage

Intimate Marriage
Intimate Marriage

Keep Marriage Alive by Offering Frustration-Free Living!

Have the genuine joy of a loving relationship!

If you’re feeling sexually and emotionally distant from your husband and have tried “everything” to reignite that sexual closeness, this is the MOST IMPORTANT Report you’ll read this year on reclaiming ALL of the Intimacy you deserve in your marriage!

What Really Turns On and Excites Your Spouse to Let Go of All Inhibitions and Have an Intimate Marriage with You? I’m sure you’d like to learn more about this! Who wouldn’t want that?

According to the “National Sex Survey,” 51.1 percent of married men and 57.9 percent of married women are dissatisfied with the amount of sex they have in their marriages. For divorce rates, it’s pretty close to the national norm.


Fortunately, I’m about to reveal two game-changing and life-changing things that any husband can do in his marriage to have his wife leap at the chance to be intimate with him!

It’s about giving her what she secretly desires. She won’t tell you what she truly wants because she knows that if she does, the emotional build-up she requires would be broken. So I’ll tell you about it as soon as I can…

What is intimacy between husband and wife?

This is the key to wielding enormous power, as your lady desires!

Tip #1 for Intimate Marriage: Husbands Your leadership has the power to restore marriage intimacy.

The first, most basic factor that can make a significant impact is a husband’s initiative and assertiveness.

Skill, sensitivity to your wife’s relational requirements, and timing are all necessary for you to rekindle your marriage and get the finest results with your wife. When he takes charge and leads with knowledge of your emotional needs, you know you’re appreciated. Right?

As a husband, you’ll frequently be perplexed by what you hear from your wife’s mouth about what she wants from you – she’ll use “cold” and “bothered” body language and remark, “I just want to be left alone.” But it isn’t what she is implying. That’s just a test to see whether you’ll pursue her and want to know why she’s upset.

This is where your husband’s assertiveness is crucial, wives.

Consider this, husband: she wants to know that you not only “take command,” but that you also “get” what you’re doing.

You won’t try to remedy the situation right away, but you will listen to her emotional point of view. It’s great if you think about what she said and then say something like this when it’s your turn to speak:

“Let me double-check that I understand you correctly,…” Then, when you’re through, repeat what she just said to her, asking if you got it correctly.

If she says you did it correctly, say something like:

“I’d like to deal with this with x, y, and z, but I want you to know that I understand your emotional need to work through a, b, and/or c emotions!”

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After that, you should be prepared to discuss…

What is the most intimate act?

Let’s face it, in many relationships, the husband simply wants things mended as fast as possible – yet, as we just discussed, a wife wants to process her feelings and reach emotional bliss. There are a lot of “cold shoulder” misunderstandings when both husbands and wives don’t work the way the other wants them to. This obstructs your desire for a close relationship! That is why you should both use the aforesaid approach of getting to know one another – Situation by Situation!

Why does my wife refuse intimacy?

Also, let’s face it, in many relationships, the husband’s desire for sex is more consistent than his wife’s. Husbands, your higher Testosterone level vs her significantly lower Testosterone level is a major influence in this. In many circumstances, the wife is under pressure from her husband to have sex “a lot,” which can lead to stonewalling and rejection of the husband’s efforts. There are subtle ways for husbands to avoid this vexing predicament and instead enjoy more consistent intimacy with a sexually interested and eager wife.

If you enjoy taking care of your wife’s emotional and “loving touch” needs whenever feasible – even during the day – you’ll find that…

That you will assist her in being sexually ready. A lady, believe me, wants to be chased and to be pulled aside from time to time by a confident man. Through “loving foreplay,” you can incorporate this method of assisting your wife in gaining sexual desire into your lovemaking with her.

However, remember to be decisive when addressing her emotional demands with a little foreplay. When she appears ready and you are certain you are ready, move on to the next phase of lovemaking and allow sexual intercourse to occur. That’s how you’ll be able to show her that you’re the one driving the intimacy toward satisfying sex.

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Does kissing build intimacy?

Work out your intimacy signals jointly before you get too close. A ‘game plan’ isn’t necessary in an intimate marriage, but…

In this way, knowing each other’s sexual “likes and dislikes” is beneficial. Plan how you and your partner will have a natural flow of intimacy.

During your intimacy, communicate and indicate each other when you’re ready for the next phase. Throughout foreplay and sexual intercourse, your intimate communication and clear signals to each other will inform you when each of you is ready and when the two of you should continue past foreplay.

Is feeding someone intimate?

She will appreciate your willingness to take risks.

It’s fine to make errors; nevertheless, if you give up or muddle through, you risk turning off the magic. Women sometimes lament, “Why do I always go for horrible boys?” because of these attributes in males.

The majority of the time, terrible dudes know what they want and demonstrate it to women. The trick is that any guy may have an intimate marriage by “making assertiveness work.”


Stop torturing your intimacies and get them to take off right away!

You’ve come here because you’re sick of hearing from your wife or husband about how “tonight just isn’t a good night for sex!”

In order to have the best intimacy in their marriage, both men and wives must work hard. You require the boost in confidence that your wife’s private passion provides deep within your chest. It was once established on the foundation of your intimate marriage.

If you’re a wife, this “Marriage Savior Program” is something you should have him look into!

You desire the thrills and joys that come with having a close relationship.

You want sensations of joy and harmony that can connect you and your partner together. When you don’t have these sentiments for a long time, it can feel like your marriage is about to end! Please don’t let this happen!

However, I am well aware that.. Only one married person in a hundred will respond to our appeal!

If you’re not concerned about your marriage going one way or the other, “Wake Up!”

The majority of men and women feel “stuck.” The only way out of misery is to do nothing until everything falls apart around you. Fighting each other through mind games or power plays is not the route out of sadness.

Honest Influence is the technique to get people to work together and care about what you stand for! Standing up for your marriage’s life and intimacy IS the way to marital bliss!

The majority of well-intentioned husbands and wives claim they want to make amends and make their marriage joyful again. But, to be honest, most people have no idea what that implies.

Instead, they whine to their friends about how unreasonable and cold their spouse is towards them – “it borders on abuse!” they exclaim. Most husbands and wives would prefer grumble and self-medicate than do something drastic about their problems. Most husbands and wives say they want to be happier, yet they’ll keep doing what hasn’t worked in the past.

Often, the married person who is actually willing to go to any length to have an intimate marriage succeeds!

If you’re serious about reviving your marriage’s sex and intimacy, now is the moment to step up and do something that both of you will appreciate — I implore you to listen to my message as if it were the most important thing you’ve ever heard!

Of course, I’m not trying to persuade you of anything you don’t already believe!

Because I believe it is safe to presume that you are one of the “one in a hundred” people. I know you’re looking for real answers to restore emotional and sexual fulfilment in your marriage since you’re actively looking for them! You already know that relying on quick fixes isn’t a good idea.

He or she would eventually realize the deception or dubiousness of the trick and demand a confession sooner rather than later. It’s wise to stay away from this trap since, as the ancient proverb goes, those who prepare snares for others fall into their own traps! When the consequences of their deception backfire, many a trickster regrets having fooled in the first place.

Now, I’d like to encourage you to keep working on your romantic life.

You CAN go through the enjoyable and fulfilling process of reconnecting with your spouse. You have the right to expect your marriage to remain healthy and intimate while still enjoying the process.

Here at ‘Keep Marriage Alive,’ I want to give you advice that goes beyond giving you basic things to attempt; I want you to get answers to your intimacy problems that demand enjoyable relational and sexual interests. These enjoyable pursuits provide as motivation to make it all work so that you can have all of the passion that a long-term marriage requires.

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