These 3 Marriage Intimacy Adventure Ideas Are Almost Too Easy

For years Sarah, my wife, and I have known that God had called both of us to do something special. He beckoned us to commit our married and family life to His plan for us. His plan was to live a life of missionary work in Africa.

We have made career choices to prepare for that future life. But, I never really guessed that it would bring us closer together . .  even before heading over to Africa.

The following 3 marriage intimacy adventure ideas are parts of the great things that are happening for her and I. You don’t have to do all three of these ideas. You don’t even have to pursue a life of missions if God isn’t calling you in that direction. But, one, two, or all three of these ideas can get a marriage out of an intimacy rut.

A project together

Sarah and I are working on our new website for our family gospel missions plan journal. We are writing out our vision and mission for our family as we embark on missions. The reward will most likely be the love we receive from many African nationals who will probably teach us as much or more than we could teach them. This is something meaningful that is bringing us closer together.

Are there any meaningful projects that you could work on together like this–A blog, a fund raiser for a worthy cause, or just reading a book together?

The right kind of vacation

Our favorite kind of vacation is a relaxing “stay-cation” cuddling as a great big family all day long. But, before we go to the YWAM Discipleship Training School we are definately going to take a couple days to have a sunny Florida beach vacation. We got ourselves a few free days at a beach resort for sitting through (and staying strong) through a time-share presentation. Cha-Ching!

For goodness sakes take a relaxing (emphasis on relaxing) vacation already! Do it ASAP! As if your life and marriage depended on it. It doesn’t have to cost any money especially if you do a stay-cation.

A life goal adventure

Well, I’ve gone off enough about Sarah’s and my life goal of being a missionary family . . . So, what could be a great life goal adventure you can set out on together? No go have a special date where this is the main topic of conversation and, as they say in the Army . . . Make it HAPPEN!


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