How a Close Circle of Friends Can Help Your Marriage

How a Close Circle of Friends Can Help Your Marriage

“Can My Husband or Wife Love Me Again?”

Sometimes the circumstances of life create many obstacles to the health of a marriage.  Making one fatal mistake with working too much, handling stress the wrong way, or handling arguments with each other with one too many hurtful words…

They can make the marriage take a turn for the worst!

Many regretful spouses wonder if it is possible to have a bright, vibrant, and fulfilling relationship with his or her mate anymore. The marriage used to be a healthy, fun, and emotionally stable relationship…, but all of that change rather quickly. Am I ‘spot-on’ about that?

During times of marital hardship it is important to surround yourselves with loving friends and family that will be there for you when you need comfort and hope the most.

I will share with you what has helped my marriage a lot over the years and share the advice of a world known evangelist for the cause of Christ in the world on this very subject.

Friends that Heal!

One way to get help for these types of difficult times is to have a close circle of friends that you trust who can encourage you and help you navigate your way through these difficult trials in marriage/

In my life I have spent many long hours sitting around coffee, talking with close friends.   We were a small band of brothers.  Among many things we supported each other and encouraged each other concerning how to be men of character, men of distinction for their wives.

These friends of mine were my inner circle of friends. They were my best friends. We talked about serious stuff as well as shot pool and watched football together. We talked about our own problems with each other. We could turn to each other for advice, counsel, and encouragement. That is why after all of these years we are still best of friends, even though some of us have moved to other states.

It is those experiences that allowed us to give each other such good advice.

Not too many guys talk about the reality of their marriages, the psychology of loving our wives, and the crazy twists and turns of life that we all experience in our lives.

My marriage saving expertise was born out of the successes we shared about our marriages. And, it is those successes that drive me to offer advice on marriage forums that cover a whole variety of marriage problems. I have helped hundreds of people to save their marriages through my advice and that is what I offer to you as you read this blog!

The Power of Close friends or family!

In an advice column from Evangelist Billy Graham I read the other day, I saw how this champion for the Gospel of Jesus Christ even advocates for the power of close friends or family to help a troubled spouse save his or her marriage.

Billy Graham offers scriptural guidelines to support God’s desire or a marriage to be worked on and not given up, “Jesus said, “Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate” (Matthew 19:6).

He reminds the family member who asks for his help that they, “took a vow before God to be faithful to each other for as long as they live, and God takes that vow very seriously.”

He points out his and many other observant people in the world today that “we often lose sight of this today, and have come to look on marriage as a casual arrangement that can be ended whenever we please. But when we do, we pay a price — a price of insecurity and instability and hardship. I know that sometimes separation or divorce become necessary, but every effort should be made to prevent them.”

Rev. Graham’s  3 step solution

  1. “pray for your aunt — and also for her husband. Pray not only that they’ll manage to get along with each other, but also that God will transform their lives and their marriage.
  2. And this can happen, as they turn to Jesus Christ and invite him to take control of their lives. God can take away our selfishness and insensitivity, and replace them with his love and tenderness.
  3. Then ask God to help you be a friend to your aunt. People in her situation often feel isolated and lonely, and she needs to know that others care. The Bible says, “Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ” (Galatians 6:2).”

I agree with this strategy friends and family can take to help hurting loved ones save their marriages.  I thank all my friend who have done just this for me as my wife and I have done for them.

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