What is a “Pride and Joy” Marriage & Family?

Pride and Joy instilled in a family often shows itself in the form of quality time spent together… not necessarily quantity time.

“A family that eats together and prays together… Stays together” is the old adage that has come to my mind recently.

This is a true idiomatic phrase that serves many loving families well. I have seen this in action in my new professional life. Recently, I have helped some new dear friends open a Puerto Rican Cafe in the heart of Hendersonville, North Carolina. It is called Haydee’s Puerto Rican Cafe.

It is the 1st Fast, Fun, and True Puerto Rican Flavors here in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Where You Can Round Up Your Busy Family for Family Harmony Away from the stress of work and dinner time with the Sazón of the Paradise of Puerto Rico! The restaurant is a joy to be a part of to serve families and friends in my area. 

The venue and the place can be anywhere… Anywhere safe and family friendly I mean. The number of people involved in the family outing can be selective too. My wife and I take turns taking each of our four children out on special dates to play at parks and to get a little snack together. Often, we just can’t afford to take all six of us out to eat. If budget concerns are an issue, and often they are… Consider doing individual dates with family members to make it that much more special!

If a babysitter is not an option or you are like my wife and I, and have a hard time entrusting the kids to people unless we know them on a deep and trusting level, then look for a place that has a kids center for entertaining the kids in a safe environment where you can see them and check on them regularly, even though you are on a sacred and romantic getaway from it all together.

The kids can have fun and feel like part of your pride and joy for such a special occasion and you can relax and know that your kids are still under your visual supervision. It can take away the stress of being on an important date, while not having to wonder about the safety of your children. As the marketing director of Haydee’s Puerto Rican Cafe I am putting together a plan to have a supervised kids pay room (professionally supervised by childcare professionals who have been vetted and background checked) so our pride and joy patrons can have both full family nights, special date nights, and romantic date nights, totally stress free.

Whatever the case, show your pride and joy that you feel for your loved ones by checking out the local restaurants and activity centers in your area where these accommodations are conveniently made available. Have a blessed and cherished Valentines Day together as well, while strengthening the bonds of love and commitment with each other as well!

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