What is “relationship game theory”

“Am I gonna play with his head again? — Let me think about it for a second.”

I remember that old game show: “The Dating Game”, or even that outrageous game show:  “The Newlywed Game.” Of course, today there are about a million and one “Love Connection” reality shows about finding that perfect Bachelor or Baccalaureate…  or about “Elimidate.”

You have to admit that you have watched something that fits into that category, if you in fact are not already hooked on watching them like I know a lot people are. It is cool to stay in the closet about being a fan of one of those shows, or to admit they make you sick to your stomach.

Anyways, there is another relationship game that you probably play without even knowing it.

Relationship game theory

I talk a lot about strategies for influencing your mate to honor and cherish you, because of the positive things you do from your heart to say to them, “I love you.”

However, most people work on a give — take basis. We all use game theory in the way we treat others in our romantic relationships.

That is how most of us enter the dating scene and it spills over into the way we deal with the marriage in which we find ourselves.

Long story short — Confident people use strategy to determine if he or she we will be nice or a bit mean to prospective mates in order to A: protect ourselves from getting hurt, or..

B: Eliminate those who will not make a good mate based on those things he or she cares about.

The opposite is usually true in order to secure a mate if you are not so confident in yourself.

To game or not to game

The big question here is this: “Would it work best in my favor to accommodatingly do what is best for the other person… or to make things difficult for them”? This begs the next question… “How long should I play this game before it could backfire?”

Alex Gilcrest weighs the options and the whole game theory topic for relationships on his “Glidd of Glood” blog. You can read more all about relationship game theory there, just click here to read more about it!

I will be reading up more on this topic and I will be writing more about it in the coming days. In fact, I have written at length about doing what is best for the other mate for mutual happiness in marriage in what I call: Mutually Honor Based Love. You can become an expert on that strategy by clicking here to discover the key to romantic bliss.

Please let me know what you think about this whole game theory topic by leaving a cool comment! It just spreads the cool around to others.

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