Affair Signs

Emotional Pain from the Hurt from a Cheating Spouse

Emotional Pain from the Hurt from a Cheating Spouse

“There is no pain… like the pain of marital betrayal.”  The closeness, intimacy and exclusiveness of the marriage relationship is a risk filled, state of vulnerability; protected only by mutual trust.

Danger and fear of unimaginable pain from one another causes walls to be put up, that separate us, cause us to hurt each other, and can (among other causes) ultimately lead to relational collapse, deception, affair signs and maybe even  infidelity of a cheating spouse.

Suspicion of marital infidelity may be because the marriage is already falling apart or it may not have reached that point of collapse.  The question is, has there been a breach of that trust on which the marriage was founded?

Check these behavioral and emotional indicators, warning sign or affair signs of marital cheating.  These are affair signs behaviors and affair signs emotions being displayed by the one you suspect of cheating.  You can also check out the  link to an online eBook by Sarah Paul, with the Super Bonus ‘Sherlock Pro’ key logging software that is a high-tech way of tracking your spouse’s internet activity, not offered in every cheating spouse detecting product through the link affair signs and catching a cheating spouse

professional investigative measures + the software Sherlock Pro to track down

“Lover’s Lie” Sneaky Affair Behavior

Their subconscious mind knows their guilt and deception and will leave affair signs clues behind by the suspected spouse and some of them are here for you.  Sometimes you cannot put your finger on it, you can just intuitively know that there is deception and betrayal in the words and deeds of your spouse.  Some of those affair signs are

Needing TOO much time alone, with friends but not with you

Unusual Emotional Distance

Too Much Time at work and it not being reflected in the paycheck

Telling you they’ve joined bowling, basketball, pottery classes or fantasy football leagues, without first discussing it with you (This one is tricky, they may be having an emotional affair with sports or a hobby and not another person).

Know The Truth; This is The Next Step

The truth will allow you to be able to move forward in your life, no matter what that may look like.

Often the immediate reaction to suspicions of being cheated on by your spouse is the feeling of outright betrayal.

Next comes the question of “How long have they been fooling and defrauding you by the deception.”

Wouldn’t you get that resource that can help you KNOW what’s been going on, no matter what it cost you?  I highly recommend one valuable resource guide that will teach you to find out for yourself if your spouse has been cheating on you.  You can obtain everything you need through the link:Click Here, find out IF the Affair Signs are True!

Put Your Suspicions To Rest – Once and for all

& Find Out IF Your Spouse Is Cheating

If your spouse who you suspect is cheating is in ear shot, put on earphones or turn down the volume to listen to the audio file presentation.


For the hurting & Cheated On.

The sooner affair signs are detected, the better chances there are of Stopping the Affair dead in its tracks or of Preventing an Affair from even taking place.  Act as soon as possible to better your chances of putting an end to your suspicions and pain.  Available to you is the following resource to best help you turn your marriage around if the affair has been dealt with, but your relationship with your spouse still needs work.

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