Catch a Cheater – 6 Effective Secrets To Best Confront a Cheating Spouse!

Catch a Cheater – 6 Effective Secrets To Best Confront a Cheating Spouse!

Have you detected signs of an affair out of the blue from your husband or wife?  If these unusual behaviors do not make sense, then…

What you need now is a way for you to make concrete discovery that your spouse is cheating on you.

Do not lose your cool.  Never jump to the conclusion that he or she is cheating based on affair signs alone.

Best to go to a trusted friend first and/or take some time to gather your thoughts and emotions.

If you have detected these previous and other signs of an affair and have a strong feeling that your spouse is cheating on you then show that you are not helpless,

will not be trifled with,

and will not be deceived.

Show them that you are not a helpless victim

Catch a Cheater with Cold Hard Facts:

  1. First coolly confront your spouse with your solid evidence and ask for an explanation.
  2. If you spouse cannot fess up under overwhelming evidence (pictures, being caught in the act, and/or internet history) then they have taken their deception to another level.
  3. This is unacceptable. Allow them to dig themselves deeper into the lie they are living.
  4. What else is left accept to hold to your dignity and to tell them to move out.
  5. And, you can separate yourself totally from them until such time as real communication and honesty can be made.
  6. For some marriages this is the end and divorce becomes the next step. However, it does not have to be the end.  Often broken marriages do survive the shattering effect of an affair.


It is up to you and your spouse, but I must say that divorce is a painful conclusion to a painful marriage situation that may become mended. And there are untold costs and family pain that result from divorce.  Make your choices wisely, with time, consideration and many attempts at redemption and restoration.

If they fess up totally and seek to have your forgiveness, give it just the right amount of time before you tell them they are forgiven.  During that short mean time, it is wise to try to get at the reasons for their infidelity so that the marriage can be saved.

Full understanding of why they have done what they did to you and the marriage is necessary before there can be forgiveness. Think about the mental anguish made by his or her signs of an affair and infidelity before forgiving.

If serious help, accountability and reconciliation can be established to restore all of the mistrust, hurt, pain and anger that you will feel then the marriage and loving trust can in all certainty be restored.

This is Important! Just imagine the sense of self-validation you can feel by reclaiming and taking control of the dignity your cheating spouse may have taken from you, if in fact that is the case. I highly recommend the eBook by Sarah Paul, with the Super Bonus ‘Sherlock Pro’ key logging software. It is a high-tech way of knowing where your spouse is going on the internet and better yet, knowing if they are cheating through the link:  Click here!

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