Emotional Affair

The hardest Affair to deal with is the Emotional Affair

You are here because you are hurting or you are fed up or both because you feel that your spouse is having an emotional affair with someone or something besides you.  Emotions are a complicated and hard to understand things.  You cannot reach into the heart and mind of your spouse and verify how exclusively dedicated they are to you with their heart.  You cannot reach into their fantasy life and catch them in the act of having an emotional affair unless they take it to the next level of an emotional affair and create an emotional (not necessarily physical) relationship with a member of the opposite sex.

You need answers for your feelings concerning your spouse’s emotional affair.  We at KeepMarriageAlive.com want to extend all of the help and support you might need with tips, advice, and an eBook and program that will help guide you through the difficult process of reigniting the flame of emotional and relational connection with your spouse.  You can check it out here at this link Emotional Affair

You are feelings of hurt and sadness probably over-rule the sense of betrayal you might feel, because in the case of no physical contact there is nothing objective to pin on the cheating spouse.   However, jealousy may be the highest felt emotion you might feel if your spouse is having an emotional affair because all of the work of the relationship is still there, while the cheating spouse is giving someone else all of the emotional attention and significant caring that you rightly deserve and need!

Emotional affairs do not happen in a Vacuum, or Maybe they do

The first sign of an emotional affair behavior is also a sign that there are serious problems in your relationship and most likely both of you have contributed to the emotional dissipation of the marriage.  Emotional affairs do not happen in a vacuum; many factors come to play in the cause of an emotional affair.  Do not beat yourself up about this correlation in un-fulfilling marriages and the possibility of your spouse seeking emotional fulfillment elsewhere.  Do something about it.  Consider why your relationship drifted apart, try to focus on what part you had in the “Emotional Vacuum” in your marriage and resolve to change those feeling and behaviors toward your spouse.

Confrontation to Fix the Cause of an Emotional Affair

Confront your cheating spouse with your suspicions,  but unless you have proof of an emotional affair, only work to reconcile the emotional distance between you and try to build trust and honesty so that if doing so works they will confess to their weekness of seeking emotional fulfillment elsewhere.

There is Hope to Restore the Emotional Health of the Marriage

If caught early enough, this is a good sign that your spouse is struggling with their needs not being met and are grappling with the temptation to seek it elsewhere.   In fact overwhelmingly, needs not being met in marriage is at epidemic proportions with the amount of infidelity in marriage being reported.  To have a healthy marriage the needs of your spouse over your own is the most important single principal to practice.

Do not hesitate.  In this stage you may even prevent the affair.  Don’t accuse him or her; just take it as a sign that NOW is the time to get things right with them.  It may be too late but this is good sign something is wrong that can be fixed.  You can turn to a resource made for those who have discovered that their spouse is cheating and want to do something about it to save the marriage.   It is step by step guide by Dr. Frank Gunzbur, a 31 year affair support expert marriage counselor, that will take you gently by the hand and help you through the devastation of an affair and help you put the pieces back together without divorce, learn more through the link below

Suspicion of Emotional Cheating

You have found this informative help here perhaps for a couple of different reasons.  Are you suspicious of your marriage partner’s behavior towards you, do you feel like they are sabotaging any activity that might bring you two closer together, are you on to some unusual behavior of your spouse that points to an affair of some sort but it does not seem to have the signs of a sexual affair?   If you cannot find any physical traces of an affair but your spouse’s emotional distance seems to point to something more elusive than a sexual fling with someone else then it may be a real possibility that your marriage partner may feel emotionally lost in the marriage and may have turned to emotional cheating to get an emotional high or meet some emotional need they do not feel is being met.

It is hard to say if the emotional cheating that is or very well could be going on behind your back is part of some fear, weakness or an emotional outlet from the real issues in the marriage.

Guilt will Show on the face and in their actions of the Cheating Spouse

True emotions can be temporarily masked in relationships and marriage.  People learn to put on a front and make believe everything is ok when silent desperation is being held back in the recesses of a hurting spouse’s mind and emotions.

The reason you suspect something is wrong and the behavior of your spouse does not seem to make sense now is because when cheating spouses repress their emotions about problems you and they may have together, their subconscious is hard at work causing them to do things they would not normally do, because they feel guilty about their duplicity and deception towards you.  That is why you notice a change in your spouse.

It is not your fault they are not emotionally connecting to you anymore.  They cannot emotionally connect with you the way they used to connect with you because their guilt will not allow them to connect to you or else the rationalizations they have made from the start for the lack of emotional connection will cause them to have to admit to themselves the terrible thing they are doing to you, themselves and your marriage.

Types of Emotional Cheating

Emotional cheating can take many forms but the most common involves seeking someone outside of your marriage to build an emotional relationship, via internet chat rooms, texting, spending time together with the other person and making emotionally significant connections that they should be making with you.

The emotional affair could be with an inanimate thing or hobby.  A spouse’s car, job or food may take your place emotionally.  Some people escape emotionally into fantasy worlds, romance novels, clubs or fantasy football leagues or just pour themselves emotionally into a recreational sport.

No matter what the form the emotional cheating takes it will kill your marriage.  Your spouse’s emotional attention and allegiance must be, first and foremost, given to you, their marriage partner.

How the Emotional Affair can End Today

As quickly as possible, identify the causes of the emotional disconnect within your marriage, be it stress, lack of time together, out of control marital conflict, marital boredom, midlife crisis etc. Without accusing or tearing down your partner confront them gently, help them brake the pattern of emotional connection taking the place of your rightful connection and begin the journey of restoring emotionally charged romance together! That is the stuff that heart pounding dreams are made of for both partners. It forms unity together so that your marriage will not end in heartbreak, but rather long-lasting joy and togetherness.

I highly recommend that if you want to save your marriage from the ravages of an emotional affair that you check out the e book marriage reconciliation course from Dr. Frank Gunzbur. He is a 31 year marriage restoration counselor who has the expert experience and knowledge you need to repair a pain that runs deep and that needs lasting healing.  Check it out through the link below

For the hurting & Cheated On.

The sooner affair signs are detected, the better chances there are of Stopping the Affair dead in its tracks or of Preventing infidelity in marriage from even taking place.  Act as soon as possible to better your chances of putting an end to your suspicions and pain.  Available to you is the following resource to best help you turn your marriage around if the affair has been dealt with. It is for those relationships that still needs work.

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