Learning From the Weiner Debacle

The situation of marital cheating is age-old.  The pain of dealing with the realization that your spouse has been unfaithful and giving to someone else what is due to you,.  No matter how good or bad the condition of the relationship is when cheating within marriage occurs, the mental and emotional pain is immense .

The advent of cellular and social web2.0 networking technology has made the ability to maintain an elicit affair as a secret from a spouse more accessible to a cheating spouse.  However, as the now resigned Rep. Anthony Weiner, who was caught “sexting” or sending explicit photos of himself to admirers who showed sexual interest in the NY Representative.  Of course doing such a thing is risking political suicide.

Weiner resigned with the following statement, “”I hearby resign as the Member of the House of Representatives for New York’s Ninth Congressional District effective at midnight, Tuesday, June 21, 2011,” wrote Weiner.

“It has been an honor to serve the people of Queens and Brooklyn.”

Soon after the House convenes for legislative business at 2 pm on Tuesday, the clerk will read that letter, meaning the curtain will close on the New York Democrat’s career in Congress.”  (Weiner Officially Resigns).

It is poignant to show that such behavior is dangerous in professional circles, politics, and marriage.   The information that using social media to maintain the relationship of an affair provides a very traceable information trail should be a good way to prevent divorce in your marriage.  This is what the NY Times had to say on the matter of social media’s power and making bad decisions concerning its use, “We use new technologies in romantic relationships all the time,” said Dr. Baym. “When two people meet and they’re interested in developing the relationship, they go to text messages really fast as a way to safely negotiate the relationship.”

Therapists debate whether the Internet has facilitated more infidelity — after all, men and women have been betraying their vows since marriage began. Still, slight shifts in infidelity rates among young people and women suggest that digital media may be playing a role. Anecdotally, therapists report that electronic contact via Facebook, e-mail and text messages has allowed women in particular to form more intimate relationships.

“There’s no question that the Internet has increased the availability of alternative romantic partners, whether it’s flirtation, reuniting with old lovers or having texting sexual relationships,” Dr. Baym said. “The Internet dramatically expands the scope of potential people that we can meet.”

But while online communication may make it easier to cheat, it also leaves a digital trail that makes it more likely you’ll be caught.”  (Digital Flirting).

It is KeepMarriageAlive.com’s sincere hope that cheated on spouses will have a new sense of power in the fight they may have to wage concerning the fidelity of their spouse, because knowledge is power.  Power for those who are duped and cheated by dishonest spouses.  It is a good thing when cheated on spouses know and are able to detect signs of cheating in his or her spouse.

Cheating is something that happens in this world, having the power to be able to have peace of mind due to being able to take control and track down a cheating spouse’s activities can help the cheated on have renewed dignity and power.  Learning from the Weiner debacle is that stepping out of bounds and using social media irresponsibly can make even the mightiest of people to fall from power.  Likewise, it shows that a cheating spouse can be found out and dealt with.

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