How To Save A Marriage

How To Save A Marriage

The Golden Path of How to Save a Marriage is Easier than you might think.

You are ‘Trying to Save your Marriage.’

Good for you!

I sincerely applaud your courage. However, figuring out where to start concerning how to save a marriage can be a real time waster.

Chances are that you are sick of marriage trouble and frustrated about a lack of intimacy. Of course you want to stop the way he or she resentfully has treated you for past hurts that seem like they happened so long ago.

Yet, also you want to stop that sinking feeling of loss when you remember how things used to be?


Motivational Hope for How to Save a Marriage!

I bet you have started to give up trying to make your spouse appreciate you. I bet you have started to give up on resolving those things that are tearing your marriage apart.

Get back all of the excitement of your relationship while you form a stronger bond of cooperation together; here’s how:

Confidence mixed with Caring Openness is How to Save a Marriage!

You don’t have to bite your lip and pretend to like your spouse. Discover the things that you can do to “want” to get back together.

The TRUTH about successfully saving your marriage is simple. Believe it or not, successful marriage saving is about motivation that makes you confident & caring. The motivation is simple as well: pursue a plan focused on getting back the passion and intimacy you once enjoyed. This can turn the ship around and is a “loaded” answer in how to save a marriage.

Every marriage has its ups and downs at different points in the relationship. My wife and I have been married for several years and have encountered both the highs and lows. Recently, we weathered a pretty nasty season and with time and coming to a place of understanding with each other we were able to pursue passion for each other again.

How to Save a Marriage Tip:

Let me pass on 2 simple tips that can change your life. 

Get back all the desire and passion you crave in your marriage. Finally, you will have the answers …for tapping into new sexual attraction you want from each other… the power behind “How to save a marriage.”

How to Save a Marriage Tip #1 for the Husband: Build Your Assertive & Caring Leadership

You are a husband! That is something for which you can take personal pride! But, sometimes you feel like you work hard and try to give your wife the best you can give, but something is driving her emotionally and sexually from you and it is incredibly frustrating!

So let us not beat around the bush here.

Here’s the question that sums it all up: HOW’S YOUR MARRIAGE?

Are you receiving from your wife all the respect, love, sexual fulfillment, and loyalty you deserve? Let’s be honest here…As a guy myself who was faced with the question of “how to save a marriage”, I think we could ALL enjoy more!

You want to find out how to save a marriage easily. If you want affection, admiration, and respect from your wife, then stimulating her needs of “emotional security” will have her giving it to you in Spades!

The secret is to understand that your wife is hardwired to get excited when her man takes charge in a romantic, yet assertive and caring manner. You can give her that “high” through learning and using leadership principles that help you plan, direct, and inspire both of you to regain the passion of your relationship while you solve those nasty problems that ruin intimacy.

You see a woman needs conversational and emotional connection to feel loved & if you reach out to her in an assertive and loving way, then you can open her up enough to share with you what is bothering her and keeping her from intimacy with you! Even if it is some dark trauma from her past!

Furthermore, I am talking about the kind of leadership that creates a romantically charged vision. Start Right Now building a vision that will inspire both of you to find the answer both of you are searching for concerning how to save a marriage!

As such, You can re-stimulate that “emotionally charged” response in your wife on a daily basis!

More on How to Save a Marriage through the “Your Marriage Savior” System

Want to obtain the passion that goes with making a husband & father an inspiring leader over his family? Start thinking like a leader.

The best leaders understand what is going on around them, what needs to be done, and they understand who their followers are as people.

Leadership principles can make your home your loving domain. Were your wife and kids will respect you for being a valiant leader, father to your children and “heart throb” for your wife!

OK, you want to STOP the frustration, bickering, and anger at each other. Just imagine how it will feel to have respect, admiration, and sexual desire from your wife again, while both of you give incredible pleasure to each other! We all could probably use a lot of help to figure out how to save a marriage.

The principles of the “good leadership” helped my marriage and it can definitely help you to gain the confidence, respect, and desire of your wife – even if she is about to leave you!

Just stop for a second and think about how accomplished you could feel… being a Happy Marriage Maker!

You can discover how to stop your resentment, constant fighting, and the frustration of a lack of intimacy. You can actually have your marriage be exciting, spontaneous, and intimately fulfilling again when you find out more about leadership principles.

My free newsletter was set up to help men and women learn how to end unfair conflict and increase both of your attraction for each other, while it runs on “Save Marriage Autopilot”.  Start receiving your fee subscription with a complimentary report on how to save your marriage without making costly mistakes here: Free Keep Marriage Alive Help!

Next, I will go into how a wife can make it work all the more!!! f


How to Save a Marriage Tip #2: Wives, Tell Your Husband’s How You are Feeling and what you are Thinking

Ladies, set your mind at ease about “how to save a marriage.” Your husband’s newly inspired leadership skills will make up a big part of his ability to reconnect on an emotional level. If he has the needed resources to help him, then his new found leadership qualities on how to save a marriage will be focused directly on you, but he also needs your help to get it right!

As the center of his leadership exploits for how to save a marriage; he will best be able to make sure that you know and feel that you are #1 on his heart, if you share with him how you are feeling.

Tell him how he can best help you to have desire and fulfillment. You are probably a lot more intuitive than your husband, so you can use your insight to help him to understand your needs.

Because, all great leaders strive to know how to truly listen. This will help him to set the mood “just right”, in order to create the spark in your marriage that you crave. So tell him about your intimate ideas when it is a good time for both of you to talk

His attention to you due to the leadership training he will get from the “Your Marriage Savior” system will definitely help you to KNOW that you are more important to him than his career, hobby, or pursuit of the dream that he may be chasing.


How to Save a Marriage Tip #3: Save the Marriage Together!

The Keys to How to Save a Marriage

You wouldn’t be here if the question of how to save a marriage were not on the top of your personal priority list. Also, since you are probably here to get Desire for Each Other Back in Your Marriage, Keep Marriage Alive definitely is the right place to get more marriage saving help

“Keep Marriage Alive” offers you the very same “how to save a marriage” tips that helped to save my marriage from divorce, and that can help save your marriage from divorce as well. My wife and my desire to share the keys to the amazing success of our own marriage is the motivation for sharing with you the secrets of getting that spark back in your marriage.

Here is another secret of a happy marriage that you may find astonishing on this “How To Save A Marriage” article: since no marriage is perfect, those marriages that are “happy and together” make a commitment together to do “whatever it takes to make both of their marriage a PASSION FILLED — fulfilling relationship — each and every single day.”

So what does that mean exactly? You’ll fix and build your marriage and win back your mate’s affection faster if you focus on Revving-Up the PASSION and emotional connection in your relationship — Before focusing on the PROBLEMS of your relationship.

What it means: Huge issues in your marriage will almost repair themselves if there is plenty of passion in your relationship… BUT… Even the most insignificant issues will turn into mountains of trouble if your marriage has NO passion.

A small, “emotionally-filled one-on-one date will go much farther to heal your marriage… than having a problem solving communication session about why the problem even happened.

That is why, Your desire for Passion and desire to know how to Save a Marriage is the beginning to having the marriage you want through the tips through the “Your Marriage Savior” system.

Truth on How to Save a Marriage …

As the founder of Keep Marriage Alive, I created this site for a purpose. I have been through the real possibility of going through a divorce. I understand that differences abound between men and women. I’m not just here to give you pat answers and unhelpful quick fix advice.

Rather, I understand that “Life” presents many troubles. Some of these problems are bad experiences from the past, stress, lack of excitement, being turned down again when you want to be with her, and the list goes on based on understanding “how to save a marriage”. I strongly want to help you deeply to solve these deep problems! Even more than that, I want to help massively transform your marriage into a supremely enjoyable and passionate marriage that grows deeper and stronger with each passing year!

One thing is certain and that is that if these issues are ignored, then frustration and resentment usually are a result – yeah, that’s right, those destructive emotions do the dirty work of tearing your marriage apart.

How to Save a Marriage Tips

With Passion building in your marriage — Discover the following relationship and communication secret tips here to answer your questions on how to save a marriage.

Differences in both of your personalities, likes and dislikes, and temperaments can make your situation seem hopeless in a troubled marriage. The secret to making these issues smooth out for a smoother marriage together is determining which problems are behind the anger, arguments, and frustration in your marriage

  • Lack of intimacy
  • Money problems
  • Work stress
  • Kids and home stress, etc

Next, communicate and decide to work together to go through these following the “how to save a marriage” steps together.

“How to Save a Marriage” through Hope

Answering the question of how to save a marriage is a fight for your marriage that both of you must team up to win together. Encourage each other often through this process of marriage restoration. Encourage each other to give it both your “all” through time together, problem solving and communication. The question of “how to save a marriage” then becomes the question of “why didn’t we save the marriage together sooner”.

How to Save a Marriage Using Kindness

If you have a desire to understand all of the nooks and crannies of how to save a marriage then you probably have the willingness and ability to shift your opinion of your spouse to a more positive opinion.

You both can think back to the good qualities of each other that made you both fall in love with each other. This process of remembering the “good ole’ days” will give you the inspiration to be gentle and kind to each other.

  • Look for opportunities to help out your spouse
  • Write down the good qualities you like in your spouse and tell them about those qualities
  • Write down the negative qualities of your spouse, try to think about why they might have that negative quality and show some mercy when they “act out” due to his or her problems
  • Practice relaxation and deep breathing to help you handle stressful situations with your spouse
  • Practice being patient with your spouse

The “Red Hot” Answer to How to Save a Marriage

If you really want to know how to save a marriage, then pursue your spouse through romance. Make your marriage “red hot” again one degree of heat at a time. You did some pretty suave things to attract each other when your relationship was new.

You have the skills to woo each other. Fantasize about your spouse long enough and you will have the motivation and drive needed to pursue him or her with passion and focused seduction.

  • Have a goal of friendship and romantic intimacy – Start out small and build up from there
  • Listen to each others sexual signals
  • Practice forgiving each other, start small with small mistakes and build up from there as well
  • Go to fancy restaurants
  • Have Open conversation in Every Part of Marriage but make sure that there are ground rules for keeping the communication free of manipulation
  • Message and foreplay are a must.

Hotly pursuing your spouse will send a clear message that you are serious about fixing your marriage. Make sure that you plan to end most days with romantic and fulfilling sexual encounters in the bedroom. You will soon be saying to your spouse, “Saving my marriage was the best thing I could have done with you”!

How to Save a Marriage through Communication

Improved communication will help you know “how to save a marriage” through establishing common ground and fairness. It will help both of you make all of these tips work.

  • Come together to talk about your problems in a peaceful manner
  • Use “I feel…” statements instead of “You did….” statements
  • If the conversation turns into an argument then agree to take a break apart from each other until both of you are calmed down
  • Quietly write down all of the most important marriage problems you both are feeling
  • Agree on possible solutions to these problems together
  • Set Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time targeted Goals for the accomplishment of these Solutions as your marriage saving goals

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