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If all that you can think about is “How can I save my marriage” let the one they call the ‘Love Genius’ help you become her ‘Romance Genius’!

1st Understand differences between a husband and a wife

“Help me, I am desperate to save my marriage” you say as you look for help and answers.  At this point your marriage most likely is suffering from suffocating conflict, hurtfulness and misunderstanding, as mine was.  To find the harmony, fulfillment and peace in your marriage you have a choice to make and that is to believe and convince yourself “I must save my marriage and I must be willing to do what it takes to make it work in harmony.”  That statement does not mean that you must change everything about who you are as a person to make your partner happy, but the “save my marriage” priority also doesn’t mean that sitting idle, unwilling to meet your partner in the middle will help you in your effort of saving your marriage.

We need to understand that the wife is not a man and has needs and the man is not a woman and has different needs.  Giving a little in how we relate to the needs of our partner’s can go a long way to bringing about “save my marriage” harmony together to save your marriage.

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Save my marriage from mutual neglect:

Wife’s Needs Compared to a Husbands Needs!

The wife needs to feel pursued, loved and needs conversation.  The husband needs to feel useful, respected and needs to share in activities that interest him, like the physical aspect of the marriage relationship on a very regular basis.  That means that women want to be respected, but the air they breathe is to be loved and men want to be loved, but the air they breathe is to be respected.

So how do we come to some form of harmony due to the fact that men and women are very different from each other without forcing one’s expectations on the other?

Save My Marriage Results Require Fast Action

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You wouldn’t be here reading this if you were not desperately wondering, “How can I save my marriage today.”  You have an immediate concern for the health or survival of your troubled marriage, this is the right place from which to start.

Save My Marriage Today Advice:

Own up to your part of the Wearing Down of the Relationship

In many ailing, troubled marriages, many partners seeking “save my marriage today” healing in the relationship admit that each partner in the marriage did their part to tear each other down with presupposed expectations on each other and hurtful undercuts and insults.

Don’t expect your partner to be someone else

The breaking apart of the relationship between you and your partner in your troubled marriage has a lot to do with, interior and exterior strain on the relationship, routine boredom and most devastating, the emotional and personal injuries dealt by each of you together. Successfully saving your marriage essentially is the agreement of both of you to meet each other in the middle, to bring healing to those injuries.  Saving your marriage is coming together to make the marriage stronger, built to last!

Don’t force your preconceived notions about how people should think, act and be, on your partner.

Communication is key, but uninformed communication can still be ineffective in restoring life back to your  marriage, Learn through this powerful e-book course by Amy Waterman, how to do and say the right things to restore trust, togetherness and romance into your marriage.  Ineffective communication may be just one mistake  that will jeopardize your marriage recovery! The “Save My Marriage Today” course has helped save thousands of marriages.

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“Save My Marriage Today” Mistakes to Avoid

Hurts inflicted from Unrealistic Expectations

Like most newlyweds and possibly during the newlywed stage of your marriage, my wife and I often resented each others desire to change who the other partner was as a person and as a man or woman.  I was hurt to the core by her expectations and she was hurt to the core by mine.   Statements to your partner such as, “why can’t you just be smooth and not talk so much around my friends, you embarrass me,” kill your partner’s spirit and make them feel that they are just not good enough as a person for you.  That is a relationship based on discontent and can form a cold marriage.  This will turn your marriage into the winter of the both of your discontent.

Instead use words like, “I really love you, let’s talk about our time with our friends so that we can have better relationships together.”

Who we are as people should be good enough.  Manipulating you spouse in order to change who they are as people  is a critical relationship mistake that should be resisted and stopped.  If you want to seriously commit yourself to finding answers to the questions you have on “how can I save my marriage today” do the following recommendations.

Never Use Put Downs

Do not fill your communication with your partner with put downs either to make them change as a person or to elevate how you feel about yourself based on bringing them low.  “Save marriage” action requires sensitivity and consideration towards your mate, which are things you expect from them towards you.  Isn’t that true in life?  To do otherwise is an abuse of the intimate relationship and treatment of your partner.

No one is perfect, throw away your perfect spouse LIST

Save my marriage today thinking is realistic thinking.  If before or during the marriage you decided to make a list of all of the “perfect” attributes of your perfect spouse and then decided to hold your partner to that standard then hurt, discontentment and resentment are inevitable in your marriage.  NO One is the “ideal” person and should not be expected to live up to a fantasy.   Pushing your idea of the perfect standard on your partner is hurtful and degrading.  No one wants to live in the shadow of their partner’s idea of the perfect spouse.  If your mind and heart are telling you “I must save my marriage today” then reality needs to be your starting point as well.  To find out more about the benefits and marriage saving uses of the “Save My Marriage Today” eBook and eCourse you can also check out my review, click here to check it out, “Save My Marriage Today Review”

Remember this Save My Marriage Today Tip on respecting your partner

We each have our own thoughts and ideas and ways of expressing those ideas.   The one thing you can start doing today to make things better in your relationship with your partner is to start respecting them and working together to make constructive progress through agreement, negotiation and reasonable compromise and never tearing them down for your own purposes.  Writing down your ideas on how to accept your spouse for who they are, work together to make positive relational change for each other, combining your efforts together to mend the relationship and holding each other accountable to do those action plans in the form of action steps can do a lot to make your struggling marriage into a healthy, thriving marriage of happiness and contentment.

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