Save Your Christian Marriage

Save Your Christian Marriage

Divorce in the church is now a by-word.  One startling trend is the fact that Christians are following the trends for marital instability, disillusion and divorce at the same rate and at times a higher rate than that of the rest of the world.  Therefore, it has become a  phenomena.  If you are a Christian who has come to this site looking for help for saving your marriage from devastation from christian divorce, then that is one point of hope that your marriage is not lost.  There is hope for reconciliation and restoration of the life, passion and vitality of the marriage you began with your spouse, under God at the altar.  “Christian divorce” can be prevented, here’s how.

God loves us even through the trials of divorce. Foremost, He will help in times of marriage trouble and the Bible says that He hates divorce, because there is unimaginable pain and suffering involved and it is the first human institution He invented.  Also, marriage is the foundation for all other human institutions.  God can help you prevent your marriage from ending in divorce.

Prevent the Pain

Divorce is an all but permanent, painful and costly solution to temporary marital problems.  If there is one thing that a christian family should understand it is that of forgiveness and redemption.   We base our faith on the free gift of God’s Mercy, redemptive and forgiving act of the crucifixion on the cross, atonement and resurrection for our sins and eternal souls.  These are values and qualities that need to be alive and well used by Christians, especially in marriage.   Only tirelessly and passionately searching for solutions to the pains of marital discord, hurt and estrangement will allow these same qualities to be able to allow the Christian husband and / or wife do what it takes to save their marriage from divorce.

Steps that need to be taken

Christian married couple facing divorce, in order to save your marriage you need to stop, think and identify those things that are strangling your marriage, seek answers and solutions to those problems together.  Or, by the initiative of one of the spouses, list these problems and solutions and take active measures to do what it takes to make amends.

Take Action and Get Help NOW!

Seek the help from your pastor or a trained Christian marriage counselor who is an impartial 3rd party and / or take the matter into your own hands and truly own the restoration of your Christian marriage through a valuable eBook manual called “Save Your Christian Marriage”, by Rev. Lee Baucom,  for helping you stop the frustrating and heart-wrenching pain of relationship adversity to make forgiveness, recapturing of the love the marriage was founded on and restoring the marriage to its full glory again possible.  I highly recommended this indispensable resource to any christian married couple.  It works for those christian married couples who seriously want to to get their marriage back from the possibility of divorce — And for the marriage to be a strong christian marriage that is in the state of grace and love. Click here: learn how to Stop your Divorce!

You will find as you go down this road to recovery that your walk with God will improve and that the prayer time together,  that is so vital to the health of  your marriage and spiritual life will grow and grow and help your grow closer together.

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