Getting Back Together

You are afraid of the loss of the marriage to your estranged spouse or are in a  serious relationship and wonder if getting back together is a good thing that you can really make happen.  Can a relationship that has been a “rough ride” get back together?  The answer may surprise you.  It is possible for you to break down the dividing walls between you and your spouse and win his or her heart again.

You may be saying to yourself, “But the divorce papers have been signed, and the process of divorce is underway”.  Or, you can say, “Yeah, but I have been fully divorced for some time, and I want to get back the marriage that ended”.  Be assured that there is hope.

You can have the expert know-how of getting back together found right here for you.  Keep Marriage Alive was established to help married couples and individuals such as yourself.  Even though no plan, method, or technique is 100% guaranteed, we want to share the actions, methods, and top notch eBook resources you can try by T.W. Jackson, that might restore the trust and marital relationship with your ex and make getting back together a possibility.  Again, there are no guarantees in getting back together with your soon to be  or already ex spouse/significant other.  To restore your relationship there are five ways of getting back together that you can try if you want the relationship/marriage again.  If you want the relationship sincerely and deeply enough you will give it your all for the sake of getting back together again.

Getting Back Together: Do What it Takes in order to Get Back Together

The best way to increase your chances of making getting back together work, first understanding why the relationship failed in the first place must be clearly understood in your mind, and action plans must be set that you will follow.  These action plans will allow you to make the needed changes for the two of you to get back together in the relationship/marriage.  Having that in place first and being able to demonstrate to your ex that you can do what it takes to win them back will give you much better chances of getting back together again.

Getting Back Together Means Stating your Reasons

Have “getting back together” set in your mind.  Then try any way that is gentle and patient to have your ex spouse sit down with you and hear what you have to say concerning your full intentions to get back together.  Tell your ex that you want to be part of his or her life and give the full story on why you want this.  Also, explain your need to make things right.   If your ex was the only one who wanted out of the marriage this candid conversation might help change his or her mind.  If it was you who wanted out, then your sincere apology and desire to make atonement for any hurt or offense may make getting back together again easier for your spouse.

Getting Back Together with an Ex Means Listening to their Response

Listening to the response of your ex is a simple but difficult part of getting back together.  You have placed all of your cards on the table and also have to let the chips fall where they lay.  Fully respect his or her feelings about your desire to change, mend the marriage in an effort of “getting back together” and making things right with a new lease on the marriage.  If his or her response is painfully not what you want to hear, then do not lose hope just yet.  It may feel like it is a big set-back to your goal of getting back together but simply listening, without any interruption, can go a long way to start the process of healing the emotional damage of the mistakes that were made in the relationship.

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Getting Back Together Means that No Matter what, Take Positive Action

Even if your efforts are not successful for “getting back together” and the marriage is not immediately restored, take action anyway. Demonstrate to your ex spouse your dedication to changing your mind-set, way of communicating and most of all action plans for making up for past hurts you have inflicted.  Do not permanently give up through discouragement; stay positive in the fact that you are getting your life straight.  You will be a better person and spouse for having put yourself to the task of getting back together.

The top notch eBook guide and course of materials by T.W. Jackson mentioned earlier, called the “Magic of Making Up”, has been specifically designed to help those people who are determined to succeed in getting back together with their ex.  It is for those people who fear the marriage is lost, have been separated, facing divorce, or who have already been divorced.  This course of materials has been set up to address and help end the frustration of not knowing how to handle the immensity of this personal and relational crisis.

It is not the conventional advice that most overly expensive therapists and counselors give out.  It is meant to give you the best advice up-front for a person in your situation.  The eCourses were set up with the intent on making every possible step, action, or means of communication effective for the “willing student”.  To that end, it gives him or her the best fighting chance of getting back together with his or her (potentially) soon-to-be ex or current ex.  Learn what it has to offer by clicking the link below

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Successfully Getting Back Together Means Deciding NOT to Stalk Your Ex

In other words, “getting back together” means: Keep you dignity intact; do not resort to following them around, texting them all the time or all out stalking them.  This would be a bad move and will cause your ex and other people to distrust you.  Doing this can and will hinder any hopes of reconciliation or gaining new healthy relationships.


If you can pull those things off and truly reconnect with you ex, then maybe past hurts will be healed, forgiveness will be granted, and trust will be restored.  That, is how Getting Back Together can be a reality.

No matter who is at fault for the divorce, you or your ex (most often both), these five things will help you earn the benefit of the doubt from your estranged spouse. At the very least you will grow as a person, have better chances of relationship success down the road, and you will possibly help your chances of rebuilding your ailing or broken marriage.  It is always worth the effort for getting back together, learning how to keep marriage alive, and doing what it takes to help both of you grow together.

One last thing, if you do get your marriage back again, from then on you must think, “getting back together also means improving the state of my restored marriage, even when problems no longer are at play.”   These steps are not just critical to the beginning of reconciliation and healing of your marriage, they are vital to the strengthening of your newly restored marriage.

Getting Back Together Means Taking a Renewed Marriage One Step Closer to “Never Breaking Up Again”

So the “getting back together with ex” plan has worked and the relationship is restored, but there are still issues to resolve.  Find out how to make your relationship rescuing efforts a success by knowing how to stop costly mistakes; Sign up for your Free “15 Biggest Mistakes Made Trying to Rescue a Relationship” report below

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