1 Way to Better Love My Wife as Christ Loved the Church

1 Way to Better Love My Wife as Christ Loved the Church

The Lost Art of Emotional Intelligence

Take a moment to watch this X-Factor video.

Can you feel the pain in this woman’s voice?

Does it take your breath away?

When I first heard the pain in her voice – I took a step back to feel what she was expressing.

It reminded me of even the trivial teasing I endured growing up.

Did it remind you of anything from your own past?

 We All Have Something To Share

I want to address a need that most wives have.

A need that most husbands do not touch on.

That need is this. She has a need to feel cared for.

The way to meet that need is best fulfilled through getting to know the pain.

A lot of her pain stems from hurts that she has felt from her past.

She just doesn’t know that you care yet.

That is where you can surprise her.

Show her you care by asking her what times in her life hurt her the most.

No, I am not setting you up for a roller coaster of emotional drama.

Maybe, just a little.

She has much to share about her self that is waiting to be listened to.

Take 10 minutes away from what you had planned to do right now – And do this instead. You won’t be sorry!

Just listen & Show that You Care!

OK.  Here is the hook for your exercise you will perform.

It is easy to do.

After watching this video and reading this post. Go ahead and show it to your wife.

Ask her is she wants to share any part of her past that hurt her and shaped her to be the woman she is now.

Discover more about the woman that now stands before you.

She will thank you, and have a deeper respect for you that you never knew possible.

Try it today.  Thank me later!

Love My Wife as Christ Loved the Church

Jesus came to this Earth not only to love and die for you. He not only did this as the means for you to have everlasting life.

He also came to reach down and live as a person.  He came to show us that he understands our pain in life.  Because He suffered and died for us to make us his eternal bride.

Have that same heart when you do this little activity with your wife.

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